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Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset review | Introduction

Published on: Saturday, December 8th 2007                   Written by: Ralf Jurrien - Photography by: Mark Peters

Jawbone headset review

A liph is a leading developer of mobile audio products. The company puts a lot of attention to the experiences of users in every possible environment and uses the gathered information when developing new products. The award-winning Jawbone Bluetooth headset is a high-quality example of this according to Aliph which gives us a good reason to test this product. Also according to Aliph the Jawbone Bluetooth has been equipped with the innovative 'Noise Shield Technology'; more about this technology later on in this review. The way this headset is packaged demonstrates clearly that we are not dealing with a cheap product. The Aliph Jawbone is packed in a neat transparent plastic box, with a nice standard showing the Bluetooth headset. In addition to the headset, the box contains the battery charger with USB cable, an English manual and 4 different fittings to carry the headset around as well as in your ear, at everybody's preferred convenience.

Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset review


Jawbone headset design

Jawbone headset design

Jawbone Bluetooth headset

The Jawbone headset has a trim design and can be adjusted to the right ear as well as the left ear, around the ears or inside the ears, by means of the included fittings. When I adjusted the fitting, I was convinced my ear was too small for this headset, but after adjusting the earplug itself, the Jawbone Bluetooth stayed nicely in its place. The Aliph Jawbone headset has a compact size with, almost invisible, two buttons integrated in the design and a small sensor that fits against your jaw (jawbone) in order for the headset to detect when a conversation is taking place. The connection for recharging the headset is nicely hidden behind a rubber cover. This cover looks like you could easily lose it, but after having used the Jawbone Bluetooth headset for a while; I found out that it remains firmly on its spot.

Aliph Bluetooth headset test

Aliph Bluetooth headset test

Pairing the headset with your mobile phone

The Jawbone headset has a red and white indicator at its disposal that indicates when the Bluetooth headset is pairing with a cell phone. It requires pushing the nicely integrated 'Noise Shield button' for 3 seconds after which the red and white indicator will start blinking. When the connection between the phone through Bluetooth 1.1 or 1.2 and the Jawbone headset is established, blinking will stop and only the white light will carry on slower than before. The indicator will then blink every 7 seconds to indicate that the headset is paired and activated. The maximum reach of the Bluetooth connection is approximately 10 metres and I must add that the connection will have some more noise when there are walls or windows within those 10 metres. And of course it depends on the cell phone used. Standby time of the battery is 120 hours according to Aliph and after I carefully measured it again, I came to the conclusion that this amount is similar to what I experienced in practice; the Jawbone headset kept on going for just a tad less than 120 hours on standby.

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