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SanDisk Sansa Express review | Conclusion

Published on: Wednesday, November 21st 2007                   Written by: Ralf Jurrien - Photography by: Mark Peters

SanDisk Sansa Express Review Score : 80%

SanDisk Sansa Express Review Score : 80%

Sansa Express Conclusion

T he SanDisk Express USB format digital MP3 player can do everything you would expect from an MP3 player of this class and more, namely; voice recording and recording songs from the radio in order to listen to them as often as you like. The wide choice of more than 20 languages is fine. I guess I cannot think of one disadvantage of the SanDisk Sansa Express other than the fact that picture rendering is not being supported. But looking at the inexpensive price of less than 50 Euros I do not consider this as a real disadvantage. The neat and beautiful appearance of the SanDisk Express makes you want to carry your device around visibly. The ease of use and the acceptable sound quality in combination with the low price and nice additional functions make the SanDisk Sansa Express one of the best MP3 players in its class.



• Neat design
• Easy to use
• Clear voice recording function
• Recording radio songs


• No option for picture rendering
• Sound quality could be

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