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Nokia Xperience Zone | Interview

Published on: Thursday, November 1st 2007                   Written by: Ralf Jurrien - Photography by: Mark Peters

Nokia Q&A interview with Carmine Caione

At the Xperience Zone event LetsGoMobile was able to meet with Carmine Caione, Head of Product Marketing & Business Development, Nokia Benelux. During this meeting we had the chance to ask Carmine Caione some questions.


Nokia Xperience Zone

Question : Nokia is market leader in the mobile phone market; how many cell phones does Nokia produce on a daily base?

Answer : Nokia manufactures worldwide more than 1 million handsets per day. The high production capacity does make us aware of the importance to care for the environment. We make sure that over 90% of the components used in our cell phones can be recycled. Besides mobile phones, Nokia is the world's largest supplier of FM radios, MP3 players and digital cameras.

Question : During your presentation you stated that Nokia's mobile phone assortment is divided in four categories. Looking at these categories, which cell phone is most purchased by the current consumer?

Answer : The basic cell phones belonging to the 'Concept' category have the highest sales figures. Worldwide approximately 50% of all Nokia mobile phone sales belong to this category. The multimedia phones, like the N-series, are also doing well. This so-called 'Explore' category is good for 25% of the total amount of sold Nokia phones. The business phones, like the E-series in the 'Achieve' category take around 15% and the remaining 10 % belong to the 'Live' category. The latter consists of cell phones for the fashion minded consumer.


Nokia Xperience Zone

Question : There are different ways of purchasing a cell phone; 'pay as you go' phones (prepaid) and cell phone plans with the choice for a 1 or 2 year contract. Is there a difference for Nokia and what do you prefer personally?

Answer : For Nokia it does not make a difference whether a cell phone gets sold with or without cell phone plans. Nokia sells phones to the provider for a fixed price per device. Besides that we do offer bulk discount or in other words: we offer discount when a provider takes a large number. In Belgium where I come from, they sell prepaid cell phones only. The consumer does value the product more that way and does treat it with more care. In Belgium the average use of one and the same phone is three years. This is a longer period of time than for example in the Netherlands.

Question : Today many new GSM devices are equipped with a touch screen, why is this technique still quite rare in the current Nokia phones?

Answer : Five years ago Nokia brought their first touch screen mobile phone in the market, the clamshell N7700. It was released in China only. The main reason was that the Chinese characters were difficult to use for SMS messages and the touch screen made it easier. The N800 was the first touch screen mobile to be introduced for a wider audience. At this moment we recently introduced the N810 Internet Tablet which also has the disposal of a touch screen. But Nokia is not a brand to be the first to introduce new innovations. As soon as it is clear when certain functionalities are required and needed, we will use the technology in our products. Nokia produces for the mass market and always offers high quality products. "We are not the first, but we are the best." added Carmine Caione with a smileā€¦


Nokia Xperience Zone

Question : Why is Nokia not offering a handset that takes 2 sim cards, the so-called Dual Sim phone? This might be the perfect solution for those people using a different telephone number for private use and business use. Up to now they have to use two handsets or they constantly have to change from one sim card to the other.

Answer : There are not yet enough consumers that actively use 2 sim cards, so at this moment the target group is too small for Nokia to produce a Dual Sim phone. However, Nokia are keeping a close eye on the needs of the consumer to be able to anticipate on the telecom market. As soon as Nokia sees an increase of the demand for a mobile phone with Dual Sim, Nokia will certainly bring out a Dual Sim cell phone.

Question : Can we expect more cell phones with 8GB internal memory or were the N81 with 8GB and the N95 with 8GB exceptions?

Answer : The first Nokia cell phone with a large internal memory was the Nokia N91. It had the disposal of a 4GB hard disk. But due to the fact that flash memory nowadays is a lot cheaper than a hard disk we switched to the memory cards and not without success. Recently we have produced versions of the Nokia N95 and N81 equipped with a standard memory capacity of 8GB. These capacities cannot be enhanced further. The Prism 7900 is standard equipped with 1GB memory. And yes, in the near future you can expect more from Nokia on this field!


Nokia Xperience Zone

Question : Nokia is cooperating with Carl Zeiss as far as lenses in mobile phones are concerned just as is the case with the Nokia N95 with a 5 Megapixel digital camera. Why is this camera not equipped with an optical zoom?

Answer : Indeed you may expect an optical zoom lens from Nokia thanks to our cooperation with Carl Zeiss. The Nokia N95 has not been equipped with an optical zoom but the Nokia N93 on the other hand does have one. Carmine emphasized again on the fact that Nokia is recognized for not being the first to introduce innovations. Furthermore Carmine Caione revealed the coming up introduction of more phones from Nokia with enhanced photographic functions before the end of 2007. "Keep an eye on us in November.."

Question : OVI is the new online service concept of Nokia. We have been able to read a lot about N-Gage, Music and Blogging functions lately. But can you tell us some more about how Nokia Maps work?

Answer : Nokia Maps offers the possibility to enable navigation on your handset. Maps of the whole world can be downloaded and used for free. As soon as the consumer wants to use the voice guidance, 'Turn left after 100 meters' he/she pays a small sum. Also subscriptions are possible for different periods of time: one day, three days, one month, one year and even for three years. Taking a subscription for a longer period gives you a discount.

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