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Nokia Xperience Zone | Press Event

Published on: Thursday, November 1st 2007                   Written by: Ralf Jurrien - Photography by: Mark Peters

New Nokia Mobile Phones

W e received an invitation from Nokia for their Nokia Xperience Zone, held in the Brabanthallen in 's Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands on Tuesday 30th of October. Various walk-in seminars could be attended and the event finished with a performance of the Dutch band Krezip. We attended a seminar with Emile Baak, Managing Director Nokia Benelux and Carmine Caione, Head of Product Marketing & Business Development, Nokia Benelux. The presentation concerned the newly introduced Nokia mobile phones and online services. Nokia's current cell phone assortment is divided in four categories: Connect, Life, Explore and Achieve. The category 'Connect' holds the basic cell phones, such as the Nokia 6500 slider phone and the Nokia 6300. The category named 'Live' is aiming at the fashion-minded user and consists of Nokia music phones such as the Xpress Music series and the Prism series. The N-series with models like the Nokia N95, the N81 and the N810 belong to the category 'Explore'. And last but not least Nokia offers the 'Achieve' category that stands for all business Nokia phone models such as the successful Nokia E-series.

Nokia Xperience Zone

Emile Baak (left) & Carmine Caione (right)


Nokia Xperience Zone

Nokia OVI Online Service

B esides the current Nokia mobile phone and accessory assortment, a lot of attention was paid to the Nokia online services and in particular OVI. OVI (Finnish for 'door') is a gateway to Nokia Services. Emile Baak emphasized that OVI can be used for Nokia services and moreover it is also a door to mobile Internet etc. With reason the name is OVI, 'door'; a door to everything concerning mobile Internet. This is also what OVI is aiming to be; a gateway for people to access the mobile Internet either from a Nokia device or from a computer. Nokia Services within OVI are divided in four categories: N-Gage, Music, Maps and Blogging.

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