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Samsung i620 review | Introduction

Published on: Saturday, October 27th 2007                   Written by: Nic Rossmüller - Photography by: Mark Peters

T oday's mobile phones are more and more equipped with features that also appeal to the business user. More often cell phones are able to offer HSDPA or UMTS thus offering options like MSN, Skype, Internet and Email; all very attractive functions for the business user. Up until recently not much attention was paid to the design of a business phone. Most of them were just grey or black models. Often they came with a belt clip because their large size did not allow these huge models to fit into trouser or shirt pockets. In other words, every sign of stylishness was missing. Samsung dares to put an end to the grey episode and is introducing the SGH-i620 cell phone. The Samsung i620 is a small, based on Windows Mobile 6, handset with a QWERTY keyboard. The Samsung i620 is available in black, white and pink (this may vary per region). Business women are also able to lay their hands on a stylish business model.

Samsung i620 review


Samsung i620 mobile phone - Design

Samsung i620 mobile phone - Design

Samsung SGH-i620 Business cellular

The Samsung i620 slider phone with its dimensions of 94.9 x 59.3 x 16.3 mm is a small cell phone. Small enough to carry around in the pocket of your trousers or shirt or evening bag. The front of this mobile device carries a large LCD screen, some push-sensitive buttons and a jog dial. On the right side of the phone a camera button and the connection for a headset or the battery charger are positioned. The microSD card slot and the button for adjusting the volume are placed on the left side. A silver-colored edge is placed around the mobile phone that gives it just the right bit of highlighting to attract the attention.

Samsung i620 - QWERTY keyboard

Samsung i620 - QWERTY keyboard

Samsung SGH-i620 Cell phone buttons

When the phone is closed the front shows some push-sensitive buttons and the jog dial. The push-sensitive buttons respond well; not too fast but certainly not too slow. Turning the jog dial to the left or the right makes scrolling through the menu or contacts easy and fast. Also scrolling through an SMS or email is enabled with the jog dial. As soon as the phone slides open, a QWERTY keyboard appears. Despite the small size of the handset, the 22 buttons on the QWERTY keyboard are of a reasonable size and are easy to operate.

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