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HTC Touch review | Introduction

Published on: Friday, October 12th 2007                   Written by: Mark Peters - Photography by: Mark Peters

HTC Touch mobile phone

T he excitement over the Apple iPhone has settled down again. Touch screen phones are slowly gaining popularity and almost every brand offers a touch screen telephone in their assortment. In the beginning touch screens were too sensitive and hard to use. HTC has a lot of experience in the touch screen mobile phone segment. The HTC TyTN, HTC P4350 en de HTC P3600 are some examples of the HTC touch screen mobile phones. The HTC Touch is the latest addition to the touch screen cell phone collection. The Touch handset is equipped with the latest HTC technology; the so-called TouchFLO. The HTC Touch offers Windows Mobile 6, WiFi, a multimedia player and Pocket Office. The HTC Touch's specifications look very promising. Our experiences with the HTC Touch can be read in the following HTC Touch review.

HTC Touch review


HTC Touch Design

HTC Touch Design

HTC Touch cell phone - Design

The most apparent feature of HTC phones is their simple and straight design. The silver-coloured edge makes the HTC Touch fit in perfectly to HTC's current mobile phone line. The Touch handset only carries a couple of buttons which makes it look very neat and well-organized. There are buttons for turning the phone on and off, answering and finishing a call, increasing and decreasing the volume, and a button functioning as self-timer for the camera and a selection button is available. The touch screen dominates the looks of the cell phone. Every function can be handled through this screen. On the back we find the camera lens. Above the lens, a mirror is placed to enable taking a self-portrait.

HTC TouchFLO technology

HTC TouchFLO technology

HTC Touch phone - TouchFLO technology

TouchFLO is a new technology invented by HTC for recalling and managing contacts, operating the multimedia player and applications such as email, Internet, SMS, MMS and the agenda. When touching the screen from bottom to top with your finger, the special menu will appear. Touching the screen from left to right enables swapping between various menu sections. When the contact menu is selected, one can scroll through the contacts quickly by one movement of the finger. If the most important contacts are equipped with a picture it will ensure quick finding and selecting.

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