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Sagem Porsche P9521 preview | Introduction

Published on: Wednesday, October 10th 2007                   Written by: Dennis Hissink - Photography by: Mark Peters

Sagem Porsche phone

S ome very exclusive trendy mobile phones were presented during a special event in the Mansion in Amsterdam organized by The Phone House, Europe's largest independent retailer for Mobile Pones. These stylish, limited version design phones proof the maturity of the mobile phone market at which design and life style play an important role besides features and business functionality. The Phone House do adapt to this need by incorporating various Limited Collection cell phones in their assortment. One of these design phones is a clamshell phone from Porsche. The Porsche phone, also known as P'9521, will be available exclusively at The Phone House before Christmas with a retail price of €1200 (Dutch retail price). I was given the opportunity to take a good look at the Porsche phone. The following report should be looked upon as an extensive first impression; a Sagem Porsche P9521 cell phone preview.

Sagem Porsche P9521 preview


Porsche mobile phone - Stylish design

Porsche mobile phone - Stylish design

Sagem Porsche clamshell phone - Design

The name Porsche stands for exclusivity and stylish design. The Porsche cell phone lives up to these standards; it is a real eye-catcher. Its weight of 140 grams does not make the P'9521 a lightweight but it makes him feel very solid. The high quality finishing is superb with materials like glass and aluminium used as a base. The tight curves with black glass and the brushed aluminium hinge provide the right finishing touch. The Porsche Design cell phone is not ultra thin but thin and compact enough with its dimensions of 91x48x18.4mm to be carried around in a trouser-pocket.

Porsche P9521 - Touch screen

Porsche P9521 - Touch screen

Porsche cellular Limited Edition - Touch screen

The Sagem P9521 handset is equipped with various multimedia functions and a high-definition touch screen. The monitor is a so-called AM-OLED type and capable of rendering 262.000 colours with a resolution of 320x240 pixels. The 2.2-inch sized screen is a flip-out, tilting screen that offers the Porsche handset surplus functionality and ease of use. The AM-OLED (Active-matrix OLED) screen type delivers the same beautiful performance as the so-called passive-matrix OLED screens, but with one large difference. The AM-OLED monitor slurps up a considerably lesser amount of energy which makes it the perfect monitor for devices at which energy consumption plays a big role.

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