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SanDisk V-Mate review | Introduction

Published on: Tuesday, October 9th 2007                   Written by: Nic Rossmüller - Photography by: Mark Peters

SanDisk V-Mate

D r Elli Harari founded SanDisk in 1988. Since then, SanDisk became one of the world's leading suppliers for innovative flash memory. Not only memory cards belong to the production line of SanDisk but also MP3 Players, card readers and the newest addition; a video memory card recorder: the SanDisk V-mate. Nowadays nearly every cellular offers the possibility of enhancing its storage capacity by means of a memory card. Handsets that offer the possibility of playing MP3 or videos, will transform into multimedia computers by enhancing their storage capacity. The SanDisk V-Mate is a video recorder for memory cards; it enables you to record movies or to play pictures and homemade videos from your cell phone on a television set. Our findings on this video recorder can be read in the next SanDisk V-Mate review.

SanDisk V-Mate review


SanDisk V-Mate Design

SanDisk V-Mate Design

SanDisk V-Mate - Design

The SanDisk V-Mate is a small item of approximately 2cm high and 13cm wide which easily fits into a small space alongside the television. The shiny black front of the SanDisk V-Mate will do well in modern furnishing. The front of the V-mate contains the memory card compartment that can take various memory cards. The SanDisk V-Mate is standard delivered with cables to connect the device to a DVD player, video recorder or satellite and television. A small remote control is also delivered as well as a transmitter to enable operating other devices while recording.

SanDisk V-Mate Connection

SanDisk V-Mate Connection

SanDisk V-Mate - Connection

It is possible to connect the SanDisk V-Mate between the DVD player, digital TV receiver or the satellite and the television. Setting the transmitter of the DVD player for example, it will be used to enable the SanDisk V-mate to record from different transmitters. The SanDisk V-Mate supports many memory cards such as: SD, SDHC, miniSD, miniSDHC, microSD, microSDHC, MMC, MMCplus, and Memory Stick/PRO/Duo/PRO Duo cards. The speed of these cards does not influence the SanDisk V-Mate. Moreover; the V-mate can be used as a card reader when connected to the computer through a USB connection.

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