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Nokia 5700 XpressMusic review | Introduction

Published on: Wednesday, September 5th 2007                   Written by: Nic Rossmüller - Photography by: Mark Peters

F or some time I had almost the idea that Nokia was disappearing from the market slowly. The models were all a lot alike and there weren’t a lot of exciting things going on. But I think Nokia’s developers were preparing for what was yet to come. The design of the Nokia mobile phones is becoming more and more stylish and fits perfectly in this time and day. The Nokia 5700 XpressMusic is such a handset with a trendy design. At first sight, it seems like there’s nothing special about the Nokia 5700, but when looking a bit further you will notice something unusual about the Nokia 5700 XpressMusic. In the Nokia 5700 XpressMusic, Nokia combines communi-cation and multimedia and lets it blend into one whole. I had the chance to test the Nokia 5700 XpressMusic for a while; my findings can be read in the following Nokia 5700 XpressMusic review.

Nokia 5700 XpressMusic review


Nokia 5700 - Design

Nokia 5700 - Design

Nokia 5700 XpressMusic - Design

At first you will not notice anything strange about the Nokia 5700 XpressMusic; it is a regular candy bar mobile phone. But when you turn the phone over, you see the music buttons on the back and you will notice that you can twist the button part of the mobile phone. By twisting the buttons you can activate the camera, the music mode or just the phone mode. On one side of the Nokia 5700 we can find the volume buttons, on the other a rubber flap that hides the USB connection, microSD memory card and the connection for charging the telephone.

Nokia 5700 - Buttons

Nokia 5700 - Buttons

Nokia 5700 XpressMusic - Buttons

You can twist the lower part of the Nokia 5700 XpressMusic. On one side we can find the number buttons, on the other the buttons for the music function. The Play button is also the shutter release button for the digital camera. Above the button part we can find the selection button, menu button, the C button, for correcting an sms or a wrong number, and the button for starting or ending a conversation. The music buttons are of a good size, so you can easily operate the buttons without having to see them, for instance if the telephone is in your pocket.

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