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Samsung SGH-X830 review | Introduction

Published on: Monday, June 25th 2007                   Written by: Nic Rossmüller - Photography by: Mark Peters

S amsung are definitely capable of placing some extraordinary goods on the market, as they have proven again lately with the Samsung K5 MP3 player, fully operational by touch screen, and the Samsung i7 digital camera with its swivel screen. Also the announcements they made at the 3GSM in Barcelona caused a stir within the mobile telephone market. I have received a Samsung SGH-X830 sample for testing; a mobile phone aiming entirely at the MP3 player lovers! Extremely small, 1GB internal memory and a jog dial are just a few features on the Samsung X830. An additional and very special characteristic of the Samsung SGH-X830 is the arrangement of the buttons; however, I will come to tell you that later. No matter how small the Samsung X830 is, Samsung managed to equip it with a digital camera containing a resolution of 1.3 Megapixels. You can read how well the Samsung X830 has performed in practise in the Samsung SGH-X830 review.

Samsung SGH-X830 review


Samsung X830 - Design

Samsung X830 - Design

Samsung SGH-X830 - Design

The Samsung X830's design is certainly very special. When taking the mobile phone in your hands for the first time, you'd think it was an MP3 player. The front of the telephone contains a jog dial for scrolling through the menu and in the centre a confirmation button is placed. To the left side of the telephone, you'll find the connection for the head set and some silver coloured volume buttons. The right side of the telephone contains the buttons with which you can operate the inbuilt digital camera. The Samsung X830 has a so-called swivel design; you have to swivel it to open it. It is very beautiful but I do get the feeling that the swivel is placed on the wrong side of the telephone. It simply doesn't feel right to open it the way it opens now.

Samsung X830 - Menu

Samsung X830 - Menu

Samsung SGH-X830 - Menu

The menu is arranged differently than normally because of the telephone's extremely small size. In stead of three icons side by side, Samsung chose to put two icons side by side on the Samsung X830. Scrolling through the menu is very easy and quick once you're used to the jog dial. In the beginning you'd pass a setting or you'd touch the jog dial accidentally when trying to confirm a setting so you'd confirm the wrong one, but practice makes perfect! The menu is equipped with comprehensible icons, together with a short clear explanation which ensures that even someone using the telephone for the first time, will find his way through the menu effortlessly.

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