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LG KE970 Shine review | Introduction

Published on: Wednesday, May 9th 2007                   Written by: Nic Rossmüller - Photography by: Mark Peters

LG KE970 Shine review

L G was founded in 1958 by the name of Goldstar and in November 1962 the first Goldstar telephone was launched in Korea followed by a refrigerator and a black and white television. In March 1968 the first overseas company was founded in New York. And the 13th of April 1978 Goldstar became the first company in electronics that reached an export figure of 100 million dollars. They changed their name from Goldstar to LG Electronics in March 1995. LG Electronics are currently market leader on the field of electronics in Korea and claim a considerable market share in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and England where they have been active for some years now. This year, in January 2007 to be precise, LG introduced the LG KE970 Shine. The slogan LG has brought into this world together with the LG Shine is: "Born to shine" which it certainly does! LG will undoubtedly try to make the LG Shine equally successful as the LG Chocolate or even to surpass the latter's success. The LG Shine surely has its appearance speaking for itself but what will we find in its interior? How the LG KE970 Shine performed in practice can be read in our LG Shine review.


LG Shine - Design

LG Shine - Design

LG KE970 Shine - Design

The first thing that strikes you when you hold the LG Shine is its gleam but of course that is exactly LG's intention! The telephone feels like it's of high quality and the battery cover of the telephone confirms this, as it is made of metal. It is the right finishing touch. On the right side of the phone the buttons for the volume and the MP3 player have been placed next to the button for the digital camera. The numerical buttons are made of plastic and of a nice size. At first sight these buttons appear to be made of metal. On the front of the LG KE970 Shine the scroll dial is positioned that lets you scroll through the menu.

LG Shine - Menu

LG Shine - Menu

LG KE970 Shine - Menu

Pressing the multi-functional scroll dial of the LG Shine brings you into the menu. The menu is innovative and easy to work with so you will soon be able to find all the main functions. There are two options that you can choose from as to how you want the menu to appear on your screen: as a list or as grid reproduction. In order to get the most out of the scroll dial I consider the list the best choice. The menu items are then reproduced in text, one right below the other, including a tiny icon. Once used to the list reproduction and the scroll dial, you will scroll through the menu in no-time at all and you will be able to quickly find a setting or function and confirm it.

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