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HTC Herald P4350 review | Conclusion

Published on: Wednesday, May 2nd 2007                   Written by: Nic Rossmüller - Photography by: Mark Peters

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HTC P4350

HTC P4350 Conclusion

I n practise the HTC Herald P4350 turns out to be a telephone that does get a high score for some features but it drops a few stitches here and there on other features. The screen is large and easy to work with but don't take it outside when the sun is shining bright because then it is too difficult to see anything at all on the screen. The camera is nice but does not perform too well under dim light circumstances and the so-called fixed focus makes the pictures come out less clear than what you would expect. The extending keyboard is very handy to work with; an SMS can be written in no-time at all and the same of course applies to an MMS or an email. The design is useful, the telephone has a good hand fit and the buttons have been placed on the right spot. The quality of the calls is fine as well as the reception. The telephone can definitely compete with the larger brands in its class. In short, HTC haven't got it completely yet, but are well on their way to make their concept a success and the HTC P4350 is a phone that you don't mind being seen with!

HTC Herald P4350 review

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