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HTC Herald P4350 review | Introduction

Published on: Wednesday, May 2nd 2007                   Written by: Nic Rossmüller - Photography by: Mark Peters

H TC is a slowly but surely rising brand. The telephones they produce look professional, have a perfect hand fit and are stacked with handy Windows Mobile based functions. Also coming up lately are telephones equipped with a touch screen. On the one hand a touch screen is definitely a great surplus but on the other hand it is not handy when writing an SMS, MMS or an email. HTC has equipped the HTC Herald P4350 with the solution: sliding the telephone to open it, will give you an extended keyboard, small but useful. I have had the HTC P4350 in my possession for a period of time to carry out some extensive tests. Noreve delivered an additional leather case of high quality to protect the HTC P4350. How well the Noreve HTC P4350 mobile phone case did and how well the HTC P4350 did in practise, you can read in our next HTC P4350 review.

HTC Herald P4350 review


HTC P4350 - Design

HTC P4350 - Design

HTC Herald P4350 - Design

The HTC P4350 is a mobile phone carried out in black with beautiful silver accents. The screen is that large that it is dominating the telephone, in other words, it is so large that we seem to have a screen and nothing else. On the front of the telephone, we find the silver buttons for the start menu, for scrolling through the functions, confirming the functions and answering and finishing calls. On the back of the camera we find the mirror for making self-portraits. The artificial material feels solid, which leaves a good overall first impression of this telephone. The battery cover can't be opened just like that; you have to unlock it first at the bottom of the cell phone.

HTC P4350 - Menu

HTC P4350 - Menu

HTC Herald P4350 - Menu

The HTC P4350 is Windows Mobile 5.0 based. The menu is well-organized with clear structures. Someone who is used to working on a computer with Windows will also easily find the functions on the HTC P4350. You can scroll through the menu with a pen or you can use the function buttons that are placed on the front side of the telephone. Both manners work easily. My personal preference is using the pen, because it works a lot faster than the buttons once you're used to it. The start screen gives you direct access to the calendar and your messages and also your inbox for SMS, MMS and email is situated here.

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