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Parrot Photo Viewer review | Conclusion

Published on: Tuesday, April 3rd 2007                   Written by: Nic Rossmüller - Photography by: Mark Peters

Uploading photos

Uploading photos

Photo Viewer 7" - Photo upload

Photos can be uploaded on the Parrot Photo Viewer by a Bluetooth connection. You can either use your telephone to upload pictures or you can use your computer's Bluetooth connection to do it. The Parrot Photo Viewer 7" will be recognized on your computer just as other Bluetooth equipment gets recognized. Once the Bluetooth photo frame has been recognized, you can simply send the pictures. Everything else happens automatically. The connection of the Parrot Photo Viewer 7" is fine but alas not one of the fastest. Uploading 15.6MB took me about 4.5 minutes. The Bluetooth connection for uploading the photos is nice, however; I regret that no alternative is given at the same time, like a USB connection.

Inbuilt Memory

Inbuilt Memory

Photo Viewer 7" - Memory

The Parrot Photo Viewer 7" has an inbuilt memory of 512MB. It suffices for a large range of pictures. Unfortunately the Parrot Photo Viewer does not offer an extra card reader to enhance the memory capacity. The 512MB internal memory will suffice for about 400 pictures made by a 3 Megapixel digital camera. Deleting the uploaded pictures is very easy. The recycle bin icon, found in the menu, offers the possibility to delete the photos one by one, a few at the same time or all of them in one go. When uploading the pictures, the Parrot Photo Viewer 7" will automatically adjust the photos to fit the frame or it will turn them around.

Photo Viewer Screen

Photo Viewer Screen

Photo Viewer 7" - Screen

The screen of the Parrot digital photo frame measures 10x15 cm, which is the same size as an average developed picture. The screen has a maximum resolution of 720x480 pixels. The photos look good on it and are very clear with bright colouring. When turning the photo frame to the short side, rendition automatically changes from landscape to portrait and the size of the photos also changes automatically. On the side of the Photo Viewer 7" a small transparent window is placed with behind it a light sensor. This light sensor ensures that brightness of the screen is automatically adjusted. In dim light conditions the brightness of the screen will decrease and in bright light conditions the brightness of the sreen will increase, so your pictures are being displayed clearly at all times.


Parrot 7

Parrot 7" Bluetooth Photo Viewer

Photo Frame Conclusion

A ll in all the Parrot Photo Viewer is a beautiful digital Bluetooth photo frame. It is easy to fit into your personal interior thanks to the different fronts. However, it is my personal opinion that some items still need improvement. I do lack an alternative manner for uploading pictures. Besides that a card reader would not look bad on the Photo Viewer 7". The image quality is certainly very good, the pictures are displayed very clearly and the colours are nice and bright. The Parrot Photo Viewer 7" is the successor of the Parrot Photo Viewer 3.5". Parrot undoubtedly have made a large step forward by doubling the size of the screen. I would certainly say that the Parrot Photo Viewer 7" is a must but before running off to the shop: first check to find out if you have a Bluetooth connection on your telephone or your computer!

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