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HTC Trinity P3600 review | Introduction

Published on: Monday, April 2nd 2007                   Written by: Nic Rossmüller - Photography by: Mark Peters

R ecently I've noticed that the trend of making telephones increasingly minuscule has been slowing grinding down to halt. Telephones are getting bigger again and luckily, the number of functions is increasing along with the format. LCD Touch screens are becoming more common and a good MP3 player and digital camera are now ordinary extras that everyone takes for granted. When the HTC P3600 was introduced a while ago, it was ahead of its time. It is a candy bar phone with only a few keys on the bottom for taking and ending calls and operating and scrolling in the menu. The HTC Trinity P3600 also has a touch screen which can be operated with a pen and your finger. You can read about how handy the HTC P3600 is in practise in the following HTC P3600 mobile telephone review.

HTC Trinity P3600 review


HTC P3600 - Design

HTC P3600 - Design

HTC Trinity P3600 - Design

The HTC P3600 stands out from the crowd. It is a milky white colour with silver accents around the keys underneath the phone. If you take a closer look, it is as if the white plastic has been covered with a clear layer. This gives the phone a nice shine, but makes it feel a bit plasticky. The digital camera, which is surrounded by an attractive silver circle, is on the back of the phone. If you touch the key for taking a call, a numerical keyboard appears on the screen, which means that the HTC P3600's glossy exterior does not need to be spoilt by a number keyboard. This gave the designer a lot more freedom.

HTC P3600 - Menu

HTC P3600 - Menu

HTC Trinity P3600 - Menu

As the HTC P3600 is a Windows mobile 5.0 based telephone, it has many of the same functions as a computer. The menu has been constructed logically and has a clear, easy to oversee structure. It is nice to work with, but it takes a while to find all the functions, especially because they are all just a little bit different than in a normal mobile phone. Thanks to the size of the screen, everything can be ordered properly, which allows you to see everything clearly. Via the start screen, you can take a quick look in your mail box or check your calendar and record appointments. You can also quickly check the connection settings where you can install settings like WLAN and Bluetooth via the start screen.

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