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Motorola KRZR K1 review | Conclusion

Published on: Tuesday, February 27th 2007                   Written by: Nic Rossmüller - Photography by: Mark Peters

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Motorola KRZR K1

T he Motorola K1 is a very nice phone, but it is like so many things; it has the looks, but not the brains to go with them. I thought there were a lot of things in need of improvement. I would have liked a better camera with a flash in the Motorola K1. Note, I didn't say a camera with higher resolution, because 2 Megapixels is more than enough for the sort of things the average mobile phone user will do with the camera. I wish there was less distortion in the photos and I would like one decent MP3 player in the Motorola KRZR K1. It's nice that it offers two ways to play music but I would have preferred just one that worked properly. I have a few words for its appearance: super, cool, great. I think that the Motorola K1 is a perfect phone for people who go for the looks, and will hardly, if ever, use the camera.

Motorola KRZR K1 review

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