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Samsung SGH-X820 review | Conclusion

Published on: Saturday, January 6th 2007                   Written by: Nic Rossmüller - Photography by: Mark Peters

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Samsung SGH-X820

W e could go on for ages, but to cut a long story short, the Samsung SGH-X820 is a good phone with lots of functions that are easy to operate. The Samsung SGH-X820 is a real innovation and Samsung has managed to grab everyone's attention by making the thinnest phone in the world. The battery capacity is good, but if you are going away for longer and you are not sure that you will be able to recharge the battery, an extra battery is not only desirable but a must. If you want to get more out of a mobile phone digital camera, then I have to conclude that the Samsung X820 is not for you. You would be better off with a Sony Ericsson K800i or Nokia N93; these are, however, considerably bigger. In short, the Samsung X820 may not have a super speed digital camera or an extendable memory. The Samsung X820 is, however, an amazing gadget that will wow its users.

Samsung SGH-X820 review

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