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Samsung SGH-X820 review | Features

Published on: Saturday, January 6th 2007                   Written by: Nic Rossmüller - Photography by: Mark Peters

Samsung SGH-X820 review

630mAh Lithium Ion battery

P redictably, the Samsung X820 has an ultra-thin lithium Ion battery of 630mAh. With a fully charged battery, you can use the phone for 2 to 3 days at the most without having to recharge it. I phoned for approximately 1.5 hours in 2 days and spent a reasonable amount of time exploring the functions. Maybe if it is played about with less and only used to phone with occasionally, the battery could last longer than the maximum of 3 days. I think that Samsung has done a good job with the Samsung X820's battery and you can confidently say that the battery is one of the best in its class.


Network frequencies

Network frequencies

Samsung X820 - Network

The Samsung SGH-X820 has a Tri-band network function. In the Netherlands we only use the Duo-band network of 900 and 1800 MHz. The Samsung SGH-X820 also picks up 1900 MHz. That means you can use this phone all over the world, and obviously this is handy if you do a lot of traveling. The Samsung SGH-X820 has EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution) and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), making data communication quick and easy. Information sent via GPRS is up to four times quicker than normal wireless communication and EDGE technology is three times quicker than the GPRS system. In short, the Samsung X820 has everything you need for quick data communication.

MP3 Player & Ringtones

MP3 Player & Ringtones

Samsung X820 - MP3 Player

The Samsung SGH-X820 has various types of ring tones, namely monophonic, polyphonic, realtone/truetone and MP3, and you will be amazed by the excellent sound quality despite the phone's ultra thin format. The Samsung X820's volume is hard enough is hard enough so that you will not miss any calls and if you are somewhere where you don't want to attract attention with a hard ring tone, you can just put it on silent and let it vibrate. In short, you'll never have to miss a call again. If you want to use the phone as a MP3 player, you would be better off with the Samsung SGH-E900, not because of sound quality, but because the Samsung X820's memory cannot be extended and so you can only save a limited number of songs in the internal memory.

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