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X-Micro X-VDO F610 review | Conclusion

Published on: Friday, January 5th 2007                   Written by: Nic Rossmüller - Photography by: Mark Peters

Volume keys & Confirmation key

On the right side of the MP3 player is the menu key, which always brings you to the menu. On the left of the X-Micro are the volume keys, consisting of two buttons, a plus and a minus. It's simple, but functional. On the front, there is a confirmation key with which to select menu functions. This key also serves as a repeat key whenever the music function is turned on. There is also a play and stop key, and it is possible to switch to the next or previous song. Finally, on top of the MP3 player, there is a key for turning on or off the X-VDO F610 and a switch to block the keys. This is a very handy function if you have the MP3 player in your trouser pockets.

Sound quality & Head telephone

In the beginning, you may have to struggle a bit with the equalizer settings, but once you've found the right settings, you will have good sound quality. I have to say that I would have liked a better quality head telephone. Using another head telephone from another brand improved the sound quality. The standard head phones had difficulty with the bass tones, especially at higher volumes, as if there was a small disturbance. The ear plugs were not unpleasant, but had a relatively short lead. It's long enough if you choose to hang your MP3 player around your neck, but you will need a longer lead if you want to carry it in your trouser pockets.


Music function

Music function

X-Micro F610 - Music

The clear OLED display makes watching films on your X-Micro even more fun. The X-Micro X-VDO F610's music function is also very user friendly. A simple selection allows you to play the MP3 directly and the X-Micro MP3 player also has an equalizer. The only bad thing about the equalizer is that you cannot set the values yourself, but must use the pre-set values.

FM radio

FM radio

X-Micro F610 - Radio

If you've heard all your own music a bit too often, there's always the radio function. The FM radio can search for channels totally automatically, but you can also switch channel manually if the X-Micro F610 can't find your favourite channel. Then, there's the photo function. It's really nice and handy if you want to show your friends a photo when you're out.



X-Micro F610 - Charger

As well as transferring files, the X-Micro X-VDO F610's USB interface also acts as a charger. If the battery is totally empty, recharging takes just under three hours. Not very fast, you may think, but after more than 9 hours playing time, the X-Micro F610's battery was still half full, according to the screen. You won't be caught out without music very often.

USB interface

USB interface

X-Micro F610 - USB

On the right side of the X-Micro F610, a small flap covers the 2.0 USB interface for transferring files to and from the X-Micro. If the computer to which the X-Micro MP4 F610 is connected also supports USB 2.0 you are guaranteed a fast file transfer. Transferring 25 MP3 files with a total size of 113MB took one minute and 24 seconds according to our stopwatch; a more than acceptable speed.


X-Micro X-VDO F610 review

Review conclusion

T he 2GB version of the X-Micro X-VDO F610 is certainly a great gadget and leaves little to be desired. The sound quality is good and if you make a small investment in a different headphone, it will be even better. The lead of the original head telephone is also on the short side. X-Micro made a very good choice with the 1.5-inch OLED display as the picture and graphics remain sharp and clear no matter which angle you look at them from. The menu is easy to navigate and the keys feel solid. You hear a clear click while pressing them in. The X-Micro F610's long playing time is definitely a big plus point. In short, the X-Micro is every bit as good as the well known brands. The 2GB capacity is more than enough and gives hours of listening fun. I would recommend the X-Micro X-VDO MP4 F610 any day!

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