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Wednesday, January 2nd 2008 - 16:29 CET
ReCellular processed a record 6 million phones in 2007, solidifying the company’s position as the world’s foremost collector, refurbisher, and recycler of wireless phones. “In 1991, we started with a simple mission - to create a successful business that is both socially and environmentally responsible,” says Chuck Newman, founder and CEO of ReCellular, Inc. “Today, ReCellular’s impact and success have far exceeded my expectations.”
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Thursday, March 29th 2007 - 15:26 CEST
ReCellular is encouraging Americans to clean out their closets and recycle their cell phones on April 22, in honor of Earth Day. One in three Americans will replace their cell phones this year, with the majority of these added to the estimated 500 million unused cell phones waiting to be either recycled or discarded. “Many people instinctively know they shouldn’t throw their old phones away, but don’t know what to do with them,” says Mike Newman, vice president of ReCellular. “We’re working to change that, and ultimately want consumers to automatically think of recycling their phones just like they currently do with paper, plastic or glass.”

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