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Friday, December 26th 2008 - 14:55 CET
Oki Electric Industry announced it will start volume shipment of a headphone amplifier LSI, the Oki ML2650, from December 2008. This new LSI enables battery-powered mobile phones to play back music with low-power consumption, which is achieved by a highly efficient D-class amplifier equipped with a 64KB SRAM that temporarily saves music data. In addition, the LSI comes in an ultra small package size of 2.54mm x 2.70mm.
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Friday, February 8th 2008 - 09:50 CET
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. announced the launch of 8 new models of power management LSIs suitable for mobile devices. The new LSIs which will be available from January 2008, provide low power consumption, low noise and high efficiency. “We entered the power management LSI market in July 2006 to leverage our strength in manufacturing technologies for high-voltage and lower power consumption devices, which are widely used in manufacturing processes and TFT LCD driver LSIs. The models we add today significantly reduce power consumption which means longer battery life for mobile devices,” said Takaki Yamada, President of Silicon Microdevice Company at Oki Electric Industry.
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Thursday, November 8th 2007 - 19:00 CET
Oki Electric Industry announced it has started a contract assembly service for W-CSP (Wafer level Chip Sized Package) semiconductors using through-hole technology. With this technology, OKI’s customers such as sensor and camera module manufacturers can now obtain camera modules that are half the size of conventional modules. In September, OKI established a volume production line for through-whole technology based WCSP assembly at its production site in Tokyo and started operation in October.

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