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Wednesday, August 15th 2007 - 10:30 CEST
Oasys Mobile, Inc., a leading provider of premium mobile media content, products and services, announces the launch of UNO Classic 2007 on AT&T. This game will be widely available across most major domestic carriers by the end of September 2007. UNO Classic 2007 is an extension of the previously released line of UNO mobile games. UNO is the No. 1 card game in America. Having sold millions of copies throughout the world, UNO continues to attract new consumers across all cultures, genders and generations.
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Friday, April 6th 2007 - 14:32 CEST
Oasys Mobile, Inc. a leading provider of premium mobile entertainment and media, announced its game line-up for delivery beginning in the second quarter of 2007. The company will introduce seven new and unique games along with new enhanced versions of four of its top-selling titles. With strong carrier relationships and some of the biggest brands in the industry, Oasys continues to focus on its strength in providing the most compelling gaming and personalization content to the global marketplace. “Our solid relationships with companies like Mattel and many of the leading carriers worldwide will enable Oasys to expand its distribution to numerous audiences and increase revenues for 2007,” said Doug Dyer, CEO, Oasys Mobile.

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