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Friday, May 17th 2013 - 11:02 CEST
The new JVC GV-LS2 and GV-LS1 live streaming cameras combine the video performance of a top-quality conventional camcorder with the unmanned capabilities of a high-end security camera and roll them into a compact device with WiFi and remote control. The JVC GV‐LS2 and GV‐LS1 live streaming cameras offer a number of advantages over other types of streaming cameras. Their pan/tilt/zoom operation can be controlled remotely from a PC or smart device, and is quiet compared to gear‐driven mechanisms. This silent operation in the GV‐LS2 is achieved through the use of low‐noise DD motors to move the camera, while the GV‐LS1 pans/tilts/zooms electronically. Android and iOS apps for remote operation are available for free download.
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Friday, May 17th 2013 - 11:00 CEST
Five new “XX by JVC” headphones launched, with around-ear, on-ear and DJ-style models joining the current line-up of inner-ear models in the company’s XTREME XPLOSIVES series. The new JVC headphones feature the series’ signature rugged styling, high gloss finish and durable construction, plus heavy-duty Neodymium driver units and Extreme Deep Bass Ports, that together have made the XX series by JVC a favorite among music fans who like their bass delivered with a punch.
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Friday, January 22nd 2010 - 13:19 CET
Apple has shaken quite a bit up in the electronics industry in the past few years. Instead of being just as innovative as Apple, the other manufacturers are nearly falling over themselves to serve the Apple products. In this trend, a ton of iPod accessories are being offered by various different manufacturers, including JVC. At the JVC booth we saw several new iPod docks, including the JVC RA-P1 and RD-N1 multifunctional iPod and iPhone docks. The JVC P1 dock has a stylish design and its main function is a radio alarm clock with an integrated docking for the Apple iPhone 3G cell phone. This allows you to use your iPhone 3G as an alarm clock accessory.
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Friday, January 9th 2009 - 15:57 CET
JVC Mobile Entertainment has added the JVC KW-NT1 AV Navigation system to the 2009 lineup to support strong demand for the in-dash Navigation market. The new JVC KW-NT1 includes an advanced Intelligent Navigation with Text-to-Speech, and a 6.1-inch detachable faceplate for extra security. Also included is a high quality DVD pick-up & mechanism, built in Bluetooth wireless technology with high-quality external microphone and front mounted full-speed USB 2.0 and AV-input connections. These connections allow the user to connect their iPod/iPhone or other audio/video devices directly into the front of the receiver via USB or using the included AV mini-jack cable. An SD memory card slot for MP3 audio playback is also integrated.
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Saturday, September 1st 2007 - 20:48 CEST
JVC, one of the world's leading manufacturers of consumer electronics and an innovator in digital video technology, introduces a new compact style MiniDV video camera, the JVC GR DA20. It offers a unique vertical sliding LCD monitor, a powerful 34x optical zoom, a convenient AUTO Button that switches the camera instantly between manual and automatic operation, and a Wide (16:9) Mode for 16:9 aspect ratio recording. In addition, the JVC GR DA20 comes with useful extras such as a heavy duty Data Battery and Multi-Language On-Screen.
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