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Monday, February 1st 2010 - 15:40 CET
Apple’s iPad announcement is big news. It’s a robust tablet form factor that is a half-inch thick and weighs 1.5 pounds, with a 9.7-inch capacitive touchscreen IPS LCD display that supports 1024x768 VGA video.The ebook implementation is everything one would expect. The application can be downloaded from the App Store and the content is managed by the “iTunes” platform, so it seamlessly integrates e-book with the other popular personal content. All iBooks are stored on your Bookshelf. As you would expect, all books are displayed on a sharp, color screen with many personalization options.
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Wednesday, January 27th 2010 - 13:40 CET
The popularity of Avatar and other 3D films will put 3D TV on the map for consumers, reports In-Stat 2010 will be a big year for 3D entertainment, as movie studios release more 3D films shown in a growing number of 3D equipped theaters. “In-Stat’s 3D consumer survey shows that 64% of consumers are at least somewhat interested in 3D in the home. For those who have seen a 3D movie in the last 12 months, the percentage increases to 76%.”
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Tuesday, December 1st 2009 - 12:40 CET
Over the last two years, HD Televisions ranked as the most desired product at the holiday season; and it was no different this year. HD TVs remain at the top of respondents’ holiday wish lists, according to market researcher In-Stat. “Over all, consumer electronics continue to top holiday wish lists, which is good news for retailers and manufacturers. However, the downside is purchase intent has fallen from 2008. The 2009 consumer survey reveals that the percentage of respondents who plan to purchase a electronic device have declined within each market segment,” according to Stephanie Ethier, In-Stat Analyst. “In-Stat believes the economy is continuing to take a toll on consumer spending.”
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Friday, November 27th 2009 - 13:23 CET
While iPhone shipments are growing quickly, smartphones based on the Symbian operating system remain dominant and will continue to grow over the next several years, reports In-Stat. However, Symbian will wane, resulting in a drop in net Symbian-based smartphone shipments in 2014. Meanwhile, the basis of competition will change from the OS to the functionality and “user experiences” that the cell phone can provide. The advanced feature sets of smartphones continue to evolve as users demand capabilities such as touch screens, increased camera resolution and Wi-Fi connectivity options.
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Thursday, November 26th 2009 - 19:45 CET
The personal navigation device (PND) market is showing signs of maturity as price points decline sharply, consolidation occurs, and shipment growth slows; and the most looming threat is the rapidly growing GPS enabled mobile phone market. Nevertheless, personal navigation device shipment growth will continue due to affordable price points for the mass market, automobile manufacturers' desire to offer cheap navigation options, and the potential growth in connected personal navigation devices.
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Wednesday, June 11th 2008 - 10:40 CEST
As categories of mobile devices converge, there are four primary types of productivity tools - the ultra-mobile PC (UMPC), the mobile Internet device (MID), smartphones, and smartphones with mobile companions, reports In-Stat, the clear winner in an In-Stat survey of U.S. consumers is the smartphone, either alone or with a mobile companion, the high-tech market research firm says. Nearly half of the respondents chose the benefits and capabilities associated with smartphones. Fewer than 10% indicated a preference for the capabilities of MIDs.
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Wednesday, December 5th 2007 - 10:30 CET
Third-generation (3G) handsets will continue strong growth over the next five years as second-generation technology wanes, reports In-Stat. Through 2012, fourth-generation network handsets are not expected to enter the market in sizable numbers. Helping to boost overall sales, subscribers owning and using several handsets will be more prevalent over the next several years. This development is already widespread in many areas, especially where employers provide a mobile device.
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Wednesday, November 28th 2007 - 12:00 CET
Fueled by market drivers, such as inexpensive flash-based players available around the world, growing broadband penetration, and the increasing availability of affordable, legitimate music and video online, the market for portable media equipment will see strong growth in Japan over the next several years, reports In-Stat. Music-enabled cell phones, however, may cut into this market, the high-tech market research firm says. “While video capable, dedicated PMP/MP3 players seem safe from multimedia cell phone competition, there is a significant opportunity for cellular operators to capture those consumers who are considering audio-only MP3 players,” says Alice Zhang, In-Stat analyst.
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Monday, September 10th 2007 - 22:39 CEST
The 2006 image sensor market saw strong growth, due primarily to one application: camera phones, reports In-Stat. In 2006, image sensors for camera phones comprised over 3 quarters of all image sensors shipped, the market research firm says. Fueled by camera phones, CMOS sensors dominated CCDs in units shipped in 2006. “CMOS also made inroads into digital still cameras and camcorders in 2006, two markets that traditionally have been dominated by CCDs,” says Brian O’Rourke, In-Stat analyst. “CCDs continued to dominate the point-and-shoot sweet spot of the camera market. However, the growing DSLR market has been transitioning to CMOS sensors, led by Canon, which exclusively uses its own CMOS sensors.”

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