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Monday, August 8th 2016 - 10:00 CEST
Innovative new features added in Galaxy smartphones - Samsung Electronics had launched industry first S-bike mode, a dedicated bike mode that lets consumers 'ride tension free' while encouraging responsible riding. This was based on the insight that two-wheeler riders receive a lot of unimportant calls and notifications while riding. The S-bike mode’s urgent call alert system notifies callers through an automated answering machine that the user is riding and is unavailable to take calls. However, callers have the option to press 1 in case the phone call is urgent. As a safety feature, the in-built motion lock ensures that the rider has to come to a halt before they can answer the call.
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Wednesday, October 22nd 2014 - 12:35 CEST
Samsung Gear VR Innovator’s Edition - Samsung Electronics introduced the next generation in wearable technology, the Samsung Gear VR Innovator’s Edition, enabling people to fully immerse themselves in a cinematic virtual reality environment. Powered by Oculus technology, Samsung Gear VR delivers a completely new way to experience and consume mobile content. It continues Samsung’s leadership in the wearable category through innovative technology and compelling designs to enhance people’s mobile lives. The result of a partnership with Oculus, a Facebook company and a leader in virtual reality technology, Samsung Gear VR creates an immersive mobile virtual reality experience that the industry has never seen before.
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Thursday, October 31st 2013 - 09:40 CET
LG Curved smartphone design - The development of LG G Flex curved smartphone was only possible through the successful collaboration with sister companies LG Display and LG Chem. The 6-inch curved touchscreen is the world’s largest Plastic OLED (POLED) display developed and mass produced specifically for curved smartphones. The amazing thin and flexible POLED display and curved OLED panel are built on plastic substrates instead of glass, giving LG G Flex smartphone its unique shape and durability. The POLED display is brighter and more precise thanks to the application of Real RGB, which contains all three sub-pixels - red, green and blue - in one pixel.
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Wednesday, January 16th 2013 - 09:55 CET
Samsung introduces world’s first Curved OLED TV - At the 2013 CES, Samsung unveiled the innovative Curved OLED TV, breaking the barrier of innovation in home entertainment industry. Samsung’s Curved OLED TV delivers truly immersive viewing experience by creating panorama effect. The Samsung OLED panel is curved, which provides depth to the content displayed for a more life-like viewing experience. Additionally, consumers will enjoy the Curved TV for its impressive panorama effect, which is currently not possible with conventional panel TVs. When watching captivating content such as vast landscapes and scenes from nature on the Samsung Curved TV, they will feel like they are surrounded by the beautiful scenery.
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Monday, June 18th 2012 - 09:40 CEST
Samsung Mobile is helping consumers to realize the functionality of NFC technology with the creation of Samsung TecTiles and the TecTile programming app. With the largest user base of NFC devices in the United States and TecTiles available in all four major carrier stores and at major online retailers at the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Mobile is ensuring NFC technology becomes a part of daily life. Programmable NFC Tags can be customized to launch apps, send messages, share information, change phone settings and more, with an NFC-enabled Galaxy Android smartphone.
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Monday, June 20th 2011 - 14:55 CEST
The new Leica i9 camera concept for the Apple iPhone 4 exhibits a new way to combine your Leica camera and your Apple iPhone smartphone. The Leica i9 camera concept is designed with a "Compliment without Compromise" philosophy. The Leica i9 camera incorporates the powerful and professional Leica CMOS image sensor and lens, made specifically for the unparalleled processing and sharing possibilities of the Apple iPhone 4. If the best camera is the one that you have on you, then the better camera is the Leica i9 concept. The Leica i9 camera is the only professional camera that also functions as an Apple iPhone 4 case.
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Tuesday, June 7th 2011 - 13:00 CEST
Apple introduces iCloud, a set of free new cloud services that work seamlessly with applications on your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or Personal Computer to automatically and wirelessly store your content in Apple iCloud and automatically and wirelessly push it to all your mobile devices. When anything changes on one of your mobile devices, all of your devices are wirelessly updated almost instantly. Thanks to Apple iCloud purchased iOS apps via the Apple App Store and Apple iBookstore will now be downloaded to all your mobile devices, not just the device it was purchased on.
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Sunday, February 28th 2010 - 13:30 CET
NTT Docomo showed what is possible with wood as a raw material. Together with Olympus, among others, a phone has been designed with a wooden body. By working with soft, natural wood, designing a rough design with 3D technologies, putting this into a mould to form a design with steam, and then to process it in a way that is patented by Olympus, it has become possible to design a wooden phone. The impregnating process ensures for, among others, that the NTT Docomo Touch Wood phone is protected against the elements such as moisture, insects and mold. Unfortunately the NTT Touch Wood cannot be found outside of Japan.
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Thursday, June 4th 2009 - 19:33 CEST
Sony-Ericsson announced two new environmental friendly cell phones. The Sony-Ericsson Naite and the Sony-Ericsson GreenHeart C901. As a company that puts environmental sustainability at the heart of its product development, Sony-Ericsson wanted to explore new ideas in this area through a concept design study. The Sony-Ericsson GreenHeart is a full concept with all life cycle in mind it includes features such as bio-plastic housings, recycled plastic keypads, zero charger with 3.5mW standby power, HTML based e-manuals, a game style educational application ‘Ecomate’ and environmentally conscious packaging.
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Monday, January 19th 2009 - 19:00 CET
SanDisk and LG Electronics successfully demonstrated a new technology for mobile phones that enables mobile network operators (MNOs) to offer their customers multimedia-rich services using removable flash memory cards. The demonstration, using the new LG Renoir (LG KC910) mobile phone, ensures that content preloaded in these memory cards can only be used in approved handsets and marks the beginning of a new era in mobile phone service and content distribution.

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