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Tuesday, May 27th 2008 - 07:42 CEST
Hop-On announces that its GSM cell phone, the Hop1800, is now available in the United States for $10 USD, and worldwide. One of the new breed of ultra convenient cell phones, the pre-paid HOP1800 is ideal as a backup cell phone, when traveling abroad, or for anyone looking for a super affordable cell phone that does one thing extremely well: make phone calls.
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Wednesday, December 19th 2007 - 18:10 CET
Hop-on, Inc. is extremely excited AT&T announced it is allowing/opening its phone and mobile device manufacturers to connect to the AT&T network. This signals huge business opportunities for Hop-on, a leading developer and marketer of wireless phones and patented accessories and the foremost creator of mobile gambling technology. Hop-on has essential IPR’s to deploy GSM technology worldwide. Hop-on is seeking Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) in Asia. As one of the remaining American cellular manufacturers with Intellectual Property Rights (IPR’s), Hop-on has essential patents for GSM technologies. Hop-on could experience tremendous gains from AT&T’s open network policy, said Hop-on president, Peter Michaels.
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Thursday, November 1st 2007 - 21:08 CET
Hop-on, a leading developer and marketer of wireless phones and accessories, has announced that it will introduce the new 1883 GSM phone model with GPS capabilities to their line of innovative, affordable cellular devices. Hop-on is best known for creating the world’s first disposable cell phone. The new 1883 GSM model will feature a SiRF Star 3 GPS chipset and a slim, modern design. The Hop-on 1883 GSM has a full-color screen, long battery life, gaming capabilities and a 2.0 megapixel camera for photos and video recording. This cutting-edge technology will appeal to consumers in America, Europe and emerging markets alike, who are looking for a high-quality GPS standard phone.

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