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Friday, September 7th 2007 - 11:20 CEST
Samsung introduces its first dual-format High-Definition (HD) optical disc player, the Samsung BD-UP5000 Duo HD Player. This HD player is positioned as the flagship in the company’s growing line of high definition players. Offering the same playback capabilities as the Samsung BD-P2400 including HQV (Hollywood Quality Video) processing, the Samsung BD-UP5000 supports both Blu-ray and HD -DVD formats as well as their interactive technologies, BD Java and HDi. Consumers can now enjoy additional studio content such as trailers, director’s comments, more elaborate interactive menus and behind the scene footage.
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Tuesday, September 4th 2007 - 12:43 CEST
Many attempts have been made to design unusual but visually appealing desktop speakers. Unfortunately, the byproduct has often been poor sound. The JBL Spyro system is different - in both respects. Initially, its look is what catches the eye. The subwoofer is flanked by two flower-shaped speakers; all three are available in a white, black, teal or fuchsia. Now, the system is being offered in a vibrant orange, giving consumers even more of a choice when matching their taste or décor. Cloth-covered cables complete its high-quality look.
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Tuesday, September 4th 2007 - 12:36 CEST
The trailblazing new JBL On Call 5310 system allows MP3 tracks stored on the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic mobile phone to be played out loud, and enjoyed anywhere and at any time. And although it serves as a customized docking station for the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic (and simultaneously charges the phone battery during music playback), it’s also a powerful and portable loudspeaker system for other music sources.

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