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Monday, December 7th 2009 - 19:20 CET
Harman announces the availability of the JBL Creature 3, a stylishly updated version of the popular three-piece speaker system that originally landed on desktops in 2002. An ideal gift for the music lover, the gamer or the college student, the JBL Creature III’s refreshed design boasts a more streamlined, airy feel while staying true to its sci-fi roots. The JBL subwoofer is now more compact, making it an easy addition to any desk, dorm room or small living space. The new JBL Speakers features the legendary JBL sound quality combined with a funky, futuristic design. Available in black & white, these stylish JBL speakers also glow from the bottom, adding another dimension of geek chic to their eccentric look.
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Thursday, November 19th 2009 - 19:45 CET
Logitech introduces the Logitech Harmony 900 remote. With its redesigned RF technology, full-color touch screen and intuitive button layout, the rechargeable Logitech Harmony 900 remote makes it easy to enjoy and control your TV, movies, games and music - even when your components are neatly hidden behind cabinet doors. The Logitech Harmony 900 remote's completely redesigned RF system makes it easy to control (up to 100 feet away) a cabinet full of devices without the hassles often associated with RF setups. Just place the included IR blaster and one or two of the mini blasters on the cabinet shelves near the devices you want to control. (Unlike other RF remotes, there's no need to tape emitters to each of your devices).
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Wednesday, September 9th 2009 - 19:16 CEST
LG Electronics has unveiled new home entertainment products at the IFA 2009 that go beyond the traditional boundaries of technology and design. LG’s theme for this year, LIVE Borderless, will instantly make sense to anyone who sees the company’s Borderless TVs, which appear to be a single, uninterrupted sheet of glass. These are the first TVs to completely eliminate the seam between the screen and the surrounding bezel. LG is introducing two Borderless TVs, the LG SL8000 and LG SL9000, which perfectly blend modern style and technological innovation. Their design represents years of research and development.
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Friday, August 21st 2009 - 14:20 CEST
iHome, a leading supplier of innovative Apple iPod and iPhone speaker solutions, announced the national introduction of its highly acclaimed new speaker system, the iP1 Speaker System for Apple iPod or Apple iPhone. The iP1 is the first product introduced in the company’s new Studio Series which features Bongiovi Acoustics’ Digital Power Station (DPS) technology: a processor that actively scans the recorded material and compensates for any deficiencies across the audio frequency spectrum, effectively restoring it to the sound the artist originally intended to be heard.
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Tuesday, August 11th 2009 - 08:40 CEST
Samsung Electronics unveiled the flagship model of its expanded LED HDTV lineup with the all-new Samsung 8500 Series. The new Samsung HD TV combine the award-winning picture quality and thinness of Samsung’s previous LED HD TV models, with the latest networking and interactive features, to provide an ideal option to all TV connoisseurs. “For consumers who are looking for the ultimate HD centerpiece and high-level performance in their home theater, the Samsung 8500 LED TV Series delivers break-through quality and design,” said John Revie, senior vice president of Visual Display Marketing, Samsung Electronics America.
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Saturday, January 10th 2009 - 17:15 CET
Mass, a consumer electronics company, announces Vizit, a two-way communication, fully interactive digital photo frame that enables users to send and receive digital photos over the mobile network. Vizit’s easy-to-use interface, coupled with its two-way communication, makes it the only digital photo frame for people of all ages. With this touchscreen photo frame, young parents for the first time can take a camera phone picture of their child’s first steps in San Francisco and send it instantaneously to the proud grandparents’ Vizit in their NYC living room.
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Wednesday, September 10th 2008 - 01:32 CEST
Sony Ericsson is proud to unveil the IDP-100 Digital Photo Frame, a convenient, stylish and easy way to store and share these important images with friends and family. For too long mobile phone photos have been confined to the phone - hidden away and viewed only occasionally and only on a small screen. Now it’s time to unleash these photos and display them with pride with the help of the superb Sony Ericsson IDP-100 Photo Frame, the ideal accessory to your Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot mobile phone.
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Thursday, July 10th 2008 - 17:12 CEST
Revolutionizing the way images and video can be enjoyed in HD, the KODAK Theatre HD Player is an interactive device that displays personal and web-based content on an HDTV, while wirelessly connecting to a household’s private Wi-Fi Network. Able to display HD still images (16:9 Aspect Ratio) and video (720p) on a HDTV, the remote operated Kodak Theatre HD Player lets consumers relive their favorite, and even forgotten, memories through a HD slideshow, as well as edit and upload images and videos to popular online content sharing sites.
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Tuesday, June 3rd 2008 - 15:12 CEST
JBL announced the introduction of its JBL Control NOW indoor and JBL Control NOW AW outdoor loudspeakers for home, multiroom, architectural and additional applications. Both feature a unique quarter-round shape that provides unprecedented installation possibilities, and incorporate innovative technologies to deliver clear and evenly distributed sound.
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Monday, June 2nd 2008 - 18:54 CEST
Harman Kardon announced the introduction of The Bridge II docking station for Apple iPod music players. The Bridge II connects a compatible Apple iPod or Apple iPhone to a Harman Kardon The Bridge-ready audio/video component, and enables expanded iPod capabilities including audio/video playback through a home entertainment system, on-screen iPod menu display, remote control operation, and charging.

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