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Wednesday, December 5th 2012 - 10:30 CET
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 art campaign with BMW 1 Series - Samsung Electronics come with a unique promotion campaign for its Galaxy Note 2. The phablet is a unique device that combines the capabilities of a smartphone and a mini tablet. The incredible 5.5-inch HD touchscreen comes with a S Pen stylus pen and enables many new creative possibilities. To promote the unique Galaxy Note 2 device and its creative features, Samsung joins forces with the premium car brand BMW, who currently displays the BMW 1 Series at Coex Central Plaza in Seoul. The BMW 1 Series is a line of small family cars, during the display in Seoul Samsung wrapped up the BMW cars in the graffiti-inspired Car Art of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
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Monday, March 1st 2010 - 16:45 CET
Remarkable affairs at the Mobile World Congress will always exist, but in the domain of manufacturers and hardware, not many things were presented at the Mobile World Congress that caused a stir. There is of course the case of Nokia that announced early on that they would not be present at the MWC 2010, at least not on the show floor. What Nokia did do, was rent a location in Barcelona at the same time of Mobile World Congress and wait for visitors to show up. It is hard for us to say if this was a good idea. In any case, we did not go, and seeing the publications written about Nokia, we don’t get the feeling that this was a bad decision.
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Sunday, February 28th 2010 - 13:10 CET
One of the biggest and most remarkable booths at the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona was Samsung’s. It was remarkable and majestic, and at the same time with a spectacular introduction of the Samsung Wave, Samsung’s first Bada smartphone with a amazing Super AMOLED display. And despite its large surface area, Samsung managed to keep the whole thing well-organized. The different software Apps in combination with the new Samsung Wave Smartphone were displayed separately, each with a Samsung employee for the necessary text and explanation. This way, all the extensive function and application possibilities that a modern cell phone has these days, were well presented.
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Saturday, February 13th 2010 - 22:46 CET
The first quarter of the year is an important time for the mobile phone industry. It's the time for manufactures to open up about the strategies that will be applied to launch new products into the market. It is going to be an important year for manufacturers. The manufacturer's automatic gain of market share no longer depends on the mobile phone or technology; after all, this technology is widely accessible by now. It are in fact the services and support, through which the consumer arranges, maintains and searches for his contacts within his personal social network, that will determine, or at least become increasingly vital, how successful the manufacturer will be.
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Monday, February 1st 2010 - 16:40 CET
Macworld 2010 will offer a preview of the new iPad, providing attendees with in-depth analysis and commentary on Apple’s latest revolutionary product, IDG World Expo, owner of Macworld 2010, announced today. Jason Snell, vice president and editorial director at Macworld, the preeminent news and information source for professional and enthusiast users of Apple products, and a panel of industry insiders will explore the features, functionality and provide insight into the Apple iPad. Macworld 2010, the world’s premier event singularly focused on the Apple products platform, is scheduled to take place February 9 - 13, 2010, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.
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Monday, January 4th 2010 - 15:48 CET
January 2010 is the month of the American electronics show, CES in Las Vegas. The 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show is an event in which many manufacturers introduce their new products, such as hardware, software and diverse services for the coming season. It is a very important show and that means for the visitors that they will walk many miles, from the Las Vegas Convention Centre to the Venetian and other locations. LetsGoDigital will be present on location and will give practically live coverage, including photos of the show floor. The CES 2010 Show is not so much focused on digital photography, but images will still play a large role.
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Monday, December 14th 2009 - 13:45 CET
During five days, visitors of the Miljonair Fair can gaze at all the magnificence and splendor on display at this luxurious event. The Miljonair Fair 2009 is already the eighth edition, and it is taking place in Amsterdam. Dressed according to the Black Tie dress code, we visited opening night, which was hosted by Sarah Ferguson. This deluxe event was also used by Samsung as a stage to bring attention to their special products. They are indeed special; an exclusive Samsung Watchphone (S9110) and the stylish Giorgio Armani II (B7620).

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Sunday, November 1st 2009 - 11:00 CET
The GSMA, which represents the interests of the mobile communications industry, announce that the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2010 will be held 15-18 February, 2010 at the Fira de Barcelona at Montjuic in Barcelona, Spain. Under the theme of “Vision in Action”, the upcoming MWC 2010 will feature a world-class thought leadership conference, including visionary keynotes and insightful panel discussions; an exhibition with more than 1,300 companies showcasing cutting-edge products and technologies; an awards ceremony highlighting the most innovative mobile solutions and initiatives from around the globe; and a venue that facilitates mobile industry networking and business development opportunities.
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Thursday, October 29th 2009 - 19:28 CET
Android 2.0 is hot. That is to say; the news about this platform is overwhelming. The first Android-based phones came from Motorola, HTC and Samsung. Android 2 is the most recent version of the popular operating system. The upcoming period is expected to bring us more Android Smartphones. It's common knowledge that HTC is one of the manufacturers developing more than one Android Smartphone based on version 2.0. Unfortunately, dates of when these first HTC Android Smartphones are expected, are not yet known to us. Nor is it clear if current HTC mobile phones can be upgraded to Android 2.0.
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Monday, September 28th 2009 - 23:40 CEST
LG Electronics, a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, announced that the LG Chocolate phone made an impressive debut during The London Fashion Week as the headline sponsor of designers Sienna and Savannah Miller’s Twenty8Twevle catwalk show. Modeled before the glitterati of the international fashion world, the innovative wide screen LG cell phone was lauded for its bold visionary style and design initiative.

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