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Saturday, June 7th 2008 - 15:36 CEST
Apple iPhone fans demanding a higher standard of iPhone protection can now satisfy their craving with the eagerly anticipated iSkin Fuze. Designed to deliver total, encapsulated iPhone protection, Fuze takes its name from the fusion of its shock-absorbing soft inner layer, and hard, impact-resistant polycarbonate exterior. It also features a rubberized outer-finish for enhanced grip, and is the only case on the market today that provides built-in docking port protection that guards the Apple iPhone’s most vulnerable and exposed component.
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Sunday, March 2nd 2008 - 10:45 CET
Exclusive to the Defender Series line, Otter Products introduces the slim-fit OtterBox 1936 case to protect the new BlackBerry Pearl 8120 and BlackBerry Pearl 8130 smartphones from Research In Motion (RIM). Allowing complete access to the trackball, sync/charge USB port, camera and self-portrait mirror, the OtterBox provides an ideal solution for on-the-go protection with style. Similar to existing BlackBerry smartphone cases in the OtterBox Defender Series line, the OtterBox 1936 case offers three layers to safeguard the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 and BlackBerry Pearl 8130 from bumps, scratches and drops.
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Tuesday, February 26th 2008 - 09:16 CET
Getac, a leading, specialist rugged mobile computer manufacturer with extensive technological and manufacturing experience, is pleased to announce that it will be unveiling its latest solutions at CeBIT 2008 as well as offering visitors first-look information from its new Product Road Map. Getac will be using the world's best known and most successful trade show as a springboard to launch; the new Getac E100, believed to be the worlds lightest rugged Tablet; the revolutionary Getac B300 fully-rugged notebook, featuring the recently developed, most advanced sunlight readable technology currently available; the new Getac PS535E fully-rugged GPS personal navigation device and the new durable 8212 series, Getac's first durable notebook.
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Monday, December 24th 2007 - 18:39 CET
iSkin, a provider of protectors and accessories for the Apple iPod and other popular consumer electronics, announced the release of its famed eVo3 protector for the Apple iPod classic music player. The new iSkin protection for the Apple iPod Classic continues the reign as the first silicone protector for Apple iPod to feature an ultra-clear, scratch resistant screen and face guard called Visor.
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Wednesday, November 28th 2007 - 20:20 CET
ISkin introduced the all-new iSkin protector for the popular Apple iPod touch. Aptly named the iSkin touch, it once again shows the company’s commitment to premium Apple iPod accessories. The iSkin touch captures the essence of the Apple iPod it protects in a simple yet sophisticated design. Made from premium high-grade silicone, it features smooth lines, textured surfaces and two-tone color arrangements topped with well thought out features.
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Tuesday, October 30th 2007 - 21:02 CET
The iSkin Duo for iPod Nano MP3 Player applies the evo4 Duo design concept to a more compact format. The evo4 Duo is available for the Apple iPod Classic and the iSkin Duo is available for the iPod Nano. The iSkin Duo for iPod Nano applies the evo4 Duo design concept to a more compact execution. The dual-layer design seamlessly integrates two protective layers giving the Apple iPod Nano full uncompromising protection without bulk.
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Tuesday, October 30th 2007 - 21:01 CET
The iSkin evo4 Duo is a sleek and sophisticated dual-layer protector that incorporates a silicone layer for shock and moisture protection and a full-frontal color-coated ViSOR for screen impact protection. The evo4 Duo for the Apple iPod Classic exemplifies iSkin’s commitment to improving each generation of its protectors for the iPod. Like the hugely successful evo3, the evo4 Duo seamlessly incorporates a premium silicone skin with a durable full-frontal polycarbonate screen protector. It further raises the bar by having the two layers appear connected through elegant design, maintaining the slim and sophisticated look of the Apple iPod Classic.
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Monday, October 29th 2007 - 11:00 CET
The iSkin Claro case for the Apple iPod Classic music player is an ultra-clear polycarbonate protector with a soft silicone inner layer that was originally available only for the Apple iPod with video, and is now also available for the Apple iPod Classic. Unlike other clear cases, the Claro features an outer polycarbonate shell that is specially coated with an anti-scratch technology that combines with iSkin’s unique silicone inside design to provide dual-layered protection for the Apple iPod Classic. The Claro outer shell also features built-in screen protection and a rear belt clip with a unique integrated kickstand that’s ideal when watching videos and podcasts.
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Thursday, October 18th 2007 - 13:30 CEST
The first semi-rugged iPhone case from Otter Products, the OtterBox for iPhone. Satisfying the need for protection without compromising style, this iPhone case offers interaction with almost all iPhone functions in an attractive new line known as the Defender Series. The OtterBox for iPhone Defender Series includes a hi-impact polycarbonate shell that snaps together to safeguard the mobile phone and a completely interactive, polycarbonate membrane to protect the Apple iPhone screen from dust and light water intrusion. A silicone skin wraps over the shell to add grip and absorb bump and shock while holding the iPhone in place.
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Sunday, September 9th 2007 - 01:57 CEST
Contour Design announced the release of the Showcase for Apple iPhone - the newest edition of its award-winning line of dual-layered Apple iPod cases and accessories. This new contoured crystal- clear and shock-absorbing rubber case is available immediately. This rubber showcase is designed to protect and show off the Apple iPhone, accenting the iPhone's sleek lines while also giving it superior two-layer protection.

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