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Saturday, August 1st 2009 - 18:52 CEST
Use Any Headset with Your Apple iPod shuffle with Belkin’s new headphone adapter. Belkin’s Headphone adapter includes the control buttons you need to change music tacks and adjust volume, while still using the headset of your choice. You can Play/Pause, Skip or Go to previous sound track, Hear the song title, or move between playlists. This new accessory is compatible with the 4GB version of the 3rd generation Apple iPod shuffle.
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Friday, September 21st 2007 - 17:01 CEST
Belkin’s TuneStudio for iPod 5th generation (video) is the first four-channel audio mixer that lets you create high-quality digital recordings directly onto your iPod. This mixer allows the input of up to four different instruments or audio sources, and records the audio onto your iPod for instant playback.TuneStudio is compact, portable, and tough enough to withstand life in a rehearsal room or in a garage. Bands can easily attach instruments and microphones to TuneStudio and record jam sessions directly onto an iPod. Podcasters can also use this device to record their shows either in a studio or on location.
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Tuesday, July 3rd 2007 - 13:30 CEST
Belkin releases new cases and cables for the iPhone. A Sport Armband, and Acrylic and Slim-Fit Cases let you carry your iPhone anywhere and keep it fully protected. The Stereo and Mini-Stereo Cables allow you to listen to your tunes through your home stereo system or portable speakers. The iPhone case and cable accessories will launch in July 2007 in Asia, Europe, and Australia to follow.
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Monday, July 2nd 2007 - 23:30 CEST
Belkin's Washable Mouse is a water-resistant mouse that can survive spills and can be hand-washed under the faucet to stay clean and disinfected. The Belkin Washable Mouse also works on many household surfaces, including upholstery and wood. A versatile scroll pad lets you scroll vertically and horizontally with one easy touch. The Washable Mouse will feature an optical technology with 1200dpi and is powered via a USB cable. The Belkin Washable Mouse will be available in late August 2007 with launches in Asia, Europe and Australia to follow. The Belkin Washable Mouse (F5L007-SCROLL) will be sold at a suggested retail price of $29.99 US.

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