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Saturday, December 29th 2012 - 10:15 CET
Universal Samsung battery pack - Samsung Electronics offers a universal battery pack for smartphones and tablets. The Samsung battery pack is the perfect companion for heavy users of smartphones or tablets who constantly find themselves running out of battery away from an outlet. Capable of charging a tablet or smartphone, this versatile battery charger can store up to 9000mAh of battery life, providing over one full battery charge for your Samsung tablet or two to three full charges on most smartphones. Take the Samsung battery pack with you in a backpack, purse or briefcase to keep your smartphone or tablet battery at full charge while you're away from an outlet.
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Wednesday, December 26th 2012 - 14:00 CET
Essential accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone - Samsung Mobile offers a special limited time offer for the Galaxy S3 essential accessory pack. Samsung has bundled three essential Galaxy S3 smartphone accessories, designed to provide the perfect ecosystem to accompany your new handset, all at a low price. The translucent blue Samsung Galaxy S3 protective cover provides additional protection for your smartphone against casual scratches, bumps and drops. It allows unimpeded access to connection ports and buttons, assuring your Galaxy S3 smartphone is fully functional. In addition, the Galaxy S3 car charger will assure you have access to charge your smartphone while driving.
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Wednesday, December 26th 2012 - 11:25 CET
Universal multimedia desktop charging dock - Samsung Electronics has launched an universal multimedia desktop dock for select Galaxy smartphones. By coupling your Samsung Galaxy smartphone with the multi-talented multimedia dock, your phone becomes a desktop multimedia center. Perfect for the home or workplace, the Samsung Galaxy multimedia dock (model: Samsung EDD-D200BE) allows users to carry on with daily activities while keeping the power of your Galaxy smartphone close at hand. Even while the smartphone charges, users can watch movies, listen to their favourite music via the built-in 3.5mm stereo audio port, or even run Android applications.
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Tuesday, December 25th 2012 - 20:45 CET
Original Samsung Galaxy smartphone accessories - Samsung Electronics has launched a new collection of smartphone accessories for the popular Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 mobile handsets. With the new accessories, users are able to protect and customize their smartphone with a 'flip' cover system - which offers full protection for the touchscreen display. The flip cover is a one-piece folding design with a front cover and glossy snap-on back. While the front flap of the flip cover protects the smartphone display from fingerprints and scratches, the back of the accessory snaps on to replace the smartphone back cover.
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Thursday, December 6th 2012 - 09:45 CET
ZAGG announces iFrogz Glaze Case for iPhone 5 - iFrogz, a ZAGG brand specializing in creative, value-priced mobile accessories, has introduced the Glaze case for the Apple iPhone 5. The iFrogz Glaze is a protective case for Apple iPhone that combines stylish color and design with a handy mirror, while leaving the digital camera and ports open and accessible. Similar to a compact, this new case is ideal for a quick hair or makeup check. The mirror of the Glaze is located on a slim, hinged door that locks to the iPhone case, for a streamlined look when not in use. The iPhone 5 glaze case is available in two metallic colors: black and silver, and retails for $34.99 at the iFrogz website and RadioShack stores nationwide.
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Thursday, December 6th 2012 - 01:00 CET
iPad stand from Tabi - Australian Startup Tabi announced availability of the Tabi Stand. This is a brilliant little accessory for the iPad that you can throw in your bag. The little iPad stand provides instant support, at the angle you want, without any fuss. Very light but strong, the iPad accessory does not contain any metal parts that might scratch your device. A unique slider lets you reach behind your iPad's screen with both thumbs and adjust your angle. Clever geometry keeps the iPad accessory stable on hard surfaces like your desk and on soft surfaces like your bed. All contact points have been rubberized with the highest quality double injection molding.
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Wednesday, November 21st 2012 - 09:29 CET
New iPhone case from ZAGG - iFrogz, a ZAGG brand specializing in creative, value-priced accessories, has introduced the Vue case for the Apple iPhone. The Vue is available through ZAGG Inc’s online store and at select Target locations. The iFrogz Vue is a customizable case for the Apple iPhone that lets users combine their favourite pictures, prints or designs to create a unique, personalized iPhone protection case. Its clear, durable case will not collect dust or lint going in and out of a purse or pocket. The product retails for $29.99 and includes the case itself, a camera hole punch and template for creating individual designs, and sample patterns to help creative iPhone owners show off their individual styles.
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Tuesday, November 20th 2012 - 12:30 CET
ZAGG presents accessories for the Apple iPad - ZAGG has introduced new keyboard accessories for the Apple iPad, including ZAGGkeys PRO, ZAGGkeys PROplus, and ZAGGkeys PROfolio+. Each slim keyboard accessory transforms the iPad into a laptop-like device, offering additional productivity for business professionals, bloggers, students and others who need to type on the go and don’t wish to carry a bulky computer. ZAGG’s thinnest keyboard accessory to date, the ZAGGkeys PRO and PROplus utilize a magnetic closure to secure the iPad. This feature protects the iPad’s screen from drops and scuffs during transport in briefcases or backpacks and from objects that could potentially scratch or crack the tablet.
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Wednesday, October 3rd 2012 - 19:15 CEST
Incipio introduces its newest line of iPhone 5 covers to be available in the US and online. Incipio will show five innovative iPhone 5 covers specially designed to enhance and protect the new Apple iPhone 5. Incipio is proud to introduce select iPhone 5 cases that feature Plextonium, its very own proprietary blend of Polycarbonate that promises to deliver better drop and scratch resistance while also allowing easy, reliable manufacturing. The entire line of iPhone 5 covers is constructed of high-performance materials and comes in a variety of bright, trendy colors that offer users both style and protection.
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Friday, September 28th 2012 - 09:37 CEST
Wrapsol Ultra Xtreme is a transparent film for iPhone 5 that protects from the impacts, scratches and accidental dings and scrapes of everyday use. Like all Wrapsol protective films, it is engineered to preserve the iPhone 5’s stunning display, form factor and performance quality while providing a strong layer of protection. Made in USA from high-strength polyurethane, Wrapsol Ultra Xtreme iPhone 5 protector maintains optimal screen clarity, vibrancy, sharpness and touch sensitivity, and features a simple - 100% dry - instant-application process that clears air bubbles for the perfect finish.

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