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Ralf Jurrien
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Lenovo Smartphones

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Tuesday, January 22nd 2013 - 09:22 CET - Comments: 0
C ES 2013 Smartphone News - Lenovo introduces a new IdeaPhone lineup at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The new Lenovo smartphones are specifically designed for different kinds of phone users, from entry-level and young professionals to advanced users. All the Lenovo IdeaPhone smartphones from this range offer a specific configuration tailored for a distinct user group, with leading technical phone specifications in their class and pricing that is competitive. The new mobile phone range starts with two new S series smartphones, packed with multimedia and entertainment features. These Lenovo Smartphones are designed for young, urban professionals, with special attention paid to design and optimization for mobile apps.
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Lenovo Smartphone


Lenovo IdeaPhone Smartphones

There is also a new model from the Lenovo IdeaPhone P series for professionals, featuring long battery life, special security and anti-virus features. The range concludes with two new A series Lenovo smartphones, featuring advanced phone functions at an affordable price for new users and the budget-conscious. The entire portfolio Lenovo IdeaPhone smartphones feature dual-SIM slots, larger, higher resolution displays and enhanced specifications.


Lenovo Smartphones


Lenovo A690 Android Smartphone

The Lenovo IdeaPhone A690 Android Smartphone challenges preconceptions about what can be offered with an entry-level phone. The Lenovo A690 is the first in its class to break the 1GHz barrier, offering speed and responsiveness previously unheard of for the most affordable phones. With a 4.0-inch 800X480 WVGA screen, which also surpasses the competition, the Lenovo A690 Android phone delivers an enhanced viewing experience with sharper resolution. The ergonomically designed Lenovo A690 Android Smartphone feels great in the hand and also offers dual SIM capability so users can select the most cost-effective data plan for their changing needs. This Lenovo IdeaPhone A690 will be available for a retail price of $ 113.99,-.


Lenovo IdeaPhone Smartphone


IdeaPhone A800 Dual Sim phone

The Lenovo IdeaPhone A800 strikes a strong balance between performance and price, granting users access to a range of specs that have normally been reserved for much more expensive phones. With a dual core, 1.2GHz CPU and dual SIM slots for switching between data plans on the go, the Lenovo A800 is a solid performer for work and play. A 4.5-inch FWVGA display, accompanied by a 2000mAh battery, ensures the A800's performance stands up for photo sharing, games and web-browsing. Best of all, the A800 offers all of this in an affordable package, making it an ideal choice for first-time smartphone users or those seeking an all-round performer on a budget. The new IdeaPhone A800 from Lenovo will carry a retail price of $ 149.99,-.


Business phone


Lenovo P770 business phone

Business people demand more from their smartphones: more talk time, more security, more reliability and more options. The IdeaPhone P770 business phone is a perfect complement for today's always-connected, frequently traveling global executive. Sporting a 3500mAh battery with enhanced power management software, the Lenovo P770 Android Smartphone delivers up to 30 hours talk time between charges, while a unique, "genuine battery detection" function ensures P770 users get the most from their phone. In fact, with USB on-the-go, the IdeaPhone P770 can even serve as a charger for other devices, while easily sharing files and data secured by native anti-virus software. Dual SIM capabilities allow you to move seamlessly across networks wherever your job may take you. The Lenovo P770 business phone with Android 4.1 Jelly bean will be available for a suggested retail price of $ 239.99.


Lenovo S720


IdeaPhone S720 with 8MP camera

Young urbanites are constantly using their smartphones to view, edit and share multimedia content and the Lenovo IdeaPhone S720 is tailor-made for these consumers. In addition to key multimedia enhancements like built-in Dolby Digital Plus and Super Camera software, the IdeaPhone S720 optimizes the value of its configuration with a dual-core MTK CPU for enhanced performance and a 2000mAh battery to ensure the cellphone can easily handle greater power demands. The 4.5-inch 960x540 IPS mobile phone display ensures that photos taken with the 8MP camera or the 1MP digital rear camera can be viewed easily from wider angles, while dual SIM functionality provides easy switching from home to office networks for sharing. All of this is packed into a slim, 9.9mm (.39-inch) package with a unique "Loop" design, and comes in three colour options so you will always look stylish while enjoying a full multimedia experience. The new IdeaPhone S720 with 8MP digital camera carries a retail price of $ 299.99,-.


Lenovo Android Smartphone


Lenovo S890 Smartphone with qHD screen

Young consumers of the "digital native" generation have high demands for their digital products. Not only do devices need to offer the latest technology and strong performance, but they must look good as well. The new Lenovo S890 Smartphone excels on all these fronts. The Lenovo Smartphone features a 5-inch 960x540 qHD screen, for crisper images and more viewing area to share videos and hi-definition photos with friends. An 8MP auto-flash digital camera, complemented by Lenovo super camera software, takes photos in low light and allows photo in video and complex photo-editing. All of these functions are packed into a super-slim (9.3mm, .36-inch) and lightweight (176g, 6.2 ounces) package, sporting a uniquely elegant "loop" design that makes the product feel thinner and sexier. The Lenovo S890 smartphone with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will be in available for $ 319.99,-.


Lenovo Smartphone review


Availability of the Lenovo Smartphones with Android

The line-up of Lenovo smartphones with the Android OS will be available in China and select regional markets beginning of January 2013. Once the new Lenovo IdeaPhones reach the American and European markets, we will publish a sample photo gallery with high resolution pictures, followed by several Lenovo smartphone review.

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