microSDHC review

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Ilse Jurrien
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microSDHC review

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Tuesday, November 13th 2012 - 14:10 CET - Comments: 0
S anDisk microSDHC review - microSDHC cards are the most compact flash memory cards, designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Halfway through this year, SanDisk introduced the Extreme Pro microSDHC UHS-I memory card, available in an 8GB as well as a 16GB version. The new SanDisk Extreme Pro microSDHC memory card delivers professional performance. The card achieves exceptional writing and reading speeds. Moreover, this flash memory card is waterproof, temperature resistant, and shock resistant. We received the 16GB Extreme Pro microSDHC UHS-I memory card from SanDisk, it is high time we examine this fast memory card closely.

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microSDHC review


microSDHC review

SanDisk's Extreme Pro microSDHC UHS-I is a Class 10 memory card, which says something about the card's speed. In order to shoot Full HD videos, you need a minimum of Class 6.  This is often not considered when purchasing a memory card, because you also have to pay more for a card with a higher speed. Yet, this is a very important detail. For example, when you have a smartphone that demands minimum Class 6, and you use a Class 4 memory card, your memory card will be the bottleneck and your videos will be a lot less fluid. With SanDisk's Class 10 UHS-I memory card, you will never have to worry that your memory card will form the bottleneck.




microSDHC memory card review

SanDisk's Extreme Pro microSDHC card has an extra advantage: the flash memory card is resistant under very high and very low temperatures.  This means that when you are skiing, you can keep shooting photos with your cell phone. There is after all, nothing more annoying than when you have just arrived at your vacation destination, and you want to take some snapshots with your smartphone, and then your memory card stops working. The card can withstand temperatures from -25˚C up to 85˚C. Want to know more about the Extreme Pro microSDHC UHS-I memory card from SanDisk? Read our full SanDisk microSDHC review.

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