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Ralf Jurrien
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Portable wireless speakers from Philips

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Friday, August 24th 2012 - 11:30 CEST - Comments: 0
P hilips has created a range of Portable Wireless Speakers that is setting a new standard for mobile devices. Powerful yet portable, the Philips ShoqBox speaker is your personal music companion. The range lets you share music anywhere and select a style and specification that suits the listening experience you want. These Bluetooth-enabled universal speakers give stylish wireless sound anywhere, instantly. Small enough to fit into your shoulder bag, the Philips Shoqbox Portable Wireless Speakers are the perfect accessory on the move. With a li-ion battery for when you are out and about, you get long-lasting performance everywhere. Meanwhile a gesture sensor lets you change a track with a flick of your wrist.
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Wireless speakers


Philips ShoqBox wireless speakers

The Philips ShoqBox wireless speakers includes a model (SB7200) which is protected with splash and shock proof materials for adventurous and outdoor use; you can even use the built-in lock to attach it to your sportswear. Alternatively, the Philips ShoqBox (SB7300) model is built with substance and style for a great sound experience: featuring real aluminum, a custom grill pattern and large metallic volume knob, the speaker will stand out in any room yet is still compact enough to take on the go. Four neodymium speakers mean you get a distortion free, deep bass sound that fills the room with music. The four wireless speakers are multi-directional so whether you position them horizontally or vertically, you can enjoy great sound.


Philips ShoqBox


Wireless speakers stereo system

You can also pair two Philips ShoqBox portable wirelless speakers to create a stereo system: simply swipe and automatically one wireless speaker becomes the right speaker, and the other becomes the left speaker - just like a regular Hi-Fi. An in-built microphone even makes the Philips ShoqBox range the perfect partner for your Smartphone. When you receive a call, you can choose whether to answer through the in-built mic on the speaker or through your phone.


Portable wireless speakers from Philips

The Philips ShoqBox Portable Wireless Speakers have universal connectivity so whatever portable player or smartphone you connect via Bluetooth, you can enjoy the big sound and hear the difference a quality speaker makes. The Philips ShoqBox speaker is perfect for sharing your personal music with anyone, anywhere.

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