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Ralf Jurrien
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Monday, July 9th 2012 - 09:01 CEST - Comments: 0
W ith the rise of social media and use of smartphones and other mobile devices, individuals have the ability to serve as the eyes and ears during potentially dangerous situations. Time is of the essence in cases of abductions, robberies and other personal crimes, with every minute passing exponentially decreasing the chance of rescue. Mobile app developer Apptooth introduced Hero, a mobile personal security app that provides the ability to instantly stream live video, audio and GPS coordinates from a smartphone in times of need.
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Security app


Mobile security app Hero

The new mobile security app Hero is endorsed by Elizabeth Smart, whose abduction and recovery motivated parents, law enforcement, and worldwide leaders to focus on child safety. In the 10 years since her abduction, Smart has become an advocate for change, and through the Elizabeth Smart Foundation has helped increase awareness of personal safety and how to prevent abductions. "Mobile security app Hero is a powerful tool to not only empower a victim of a crime, but to also capture vital information through audio, video and GPS coordinates related to the event," said Smart. "This mobile personal security app can help give a greater sense of safety in times of need."


Mobile security app


Hero security app

In times of need, with a simple tap of an icon, the user of the Hero security app can instantly stream audio, video and GPS coordinates, capturing vital information and sending it to the user's social network and to other Hero security app subscribers within a five-mile radius. Personal security app Hero subscribers can select a range of features, including emergency, custom and instant crowd alerts, Hero tracking, Facebook login, and alert and location mapping. Uses of the Hero security app can apply to a variety of scenarios, including child abduction, robbery, assault and car accidents, as well as less serious situations such as a lost dog. Hero provides a greater sense of personal security by leveraging the power of crowd sourcing and a smartphone.


Hero security app

Security app

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