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Samsung Galaxy S2 photography tips

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Friday, October 14th 2011 - 12:00 CEST - Comments: 1
O ne of the improvements of the compact and light Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S, is the digital camera feature. The Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone features a 8 Megapixel camera with a 4x digital zoom lens, autofocus and a powerful LED flash. The large and clear Super AMOLED Plus LCD screen makes it real fun to photograph with the Samsung Galaxy S2. But the camera function on a smartphone is quite advanced these days, this requires a little more time to get known with the operation of the camera application. Here are some photography tips for photographing with the Samsung Galaxy S2.
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Samsung Galaxy S2 photo tips


Samsung Galaxy S2 Tap To Focus

Tap anywhere on the Samsung Galaxy S2 display to focus on your target subject. When you see the green square, you've locked in focus. The red square indicates your focus hasn't yet locked. When to use it: When shooting into a crowd or other busy backgrounds, zero in on your "target" to capture precise focus on your subject matter. Locking in focus with the green square indicator will also help you avoid blurry pictures.


Samsung Galaxy S2 Panorama


Samsung Galaxy S2 Panorama / Action Mode

Once activated, simply point the digital camera in the direction indicated on the screen until the green square is fully contained and the picture is snapped. Repeat the process up to eight times, moving the camera a frame over in each instance. The Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone will stitch the photos together to form one panoramic picture. When to use it: Panorama / Action Mode is ideal for taking wide, scenic pictures that can't be contained in a single camera frame.


Samsung Galaxy S2 White Balance

Samsung Galaxy S2 White Balance

White balance refers to the predetermined shade of white a digital camera uses to adjust all of the other colors. Different types of light provide different "temperatures" of white and as a result, all of the colors in an image are changed accordingly. When to use it: Adjust the white balance setting based on the type of light you're shooting in - daylight, cloudy, incandescent or fluorescent - for richer colors.


Samsung Galaxy S2 Auto Contrast


Samsung Galaxy S2 Auto Contrast

Auto Contrast will normalize all of the colors in a picture for even saturation levels between the brightest and darkest spots in a picture. When to use it: Turn on Auto Contrast when you're shooting in bright, sunny locations that would otherwise create harsh extremes.


Samsung Galaxy S2 ISO


Samsung Galaxy S2 ISO Settings

The ISO measures the sensitivity of the camera's image sensor. The higher the ISO number, the lower light conditions are required to properly expose the image. The trade off with higher ISO numbers, however, is a noisier shot with a grainier image quality. When to use it: Adjust to a higher ISO settling when shooting in darker light to get faster shutter speeds - such as capturing the action during an indoor sporting event - and you don't mind some grain in the photo.


Samsung Galaxy S2 Gridlines


Samsung Galaxy S2 Gridlines

Gridlines are invisible guides that appear on your camera's screen to help you center and frame objects of interest in your photos. When to use it: Use gridlines to better compose photos, center your subject matter in the middle of the frame or create interesting spatial relationships with a photo's composition.


Samsung Galaxy S2 GPS


Samsung Galaxy S2 GPS Tagging

GPS Tagging embeds the coordinates of where the picture was taken in the metadata of the photo. Third party programs can make use of this location data to place your pictures on a map for others to see. When to use it: Use GPS Tagging when you want to share photos with friends and family and give a more interactive experience to your pictures.


Galaxy S2 photo tips


Samsung Galaxy S2 Anti-Shake

When enabled, your Samsung Galaxy S2 camera will pre-process images with data stored in the sensors' buffers to correct any motion blur. When to use it: Turn on Anti-Shake when you're shooting on the go, such as from a car or other moving vehicle.


Samsung Galaxy S2 tips


Samsung Galaxy S2 Outdoor Visibility

Outdoor Visibility adjusts the brightness of the screen dramatically to make it easier to see the screen in bright conditions. When to use it: Turn on Outdoor Visibility when you're shooting or reviewing photos in bright, sunny conditions, such as at the beach or park.


Tips Galaxy S2


Samsung Galaxy S2 Exposure

Exposure refers to the total amount of light that hits the image sensor when taking a photo. Most people leave their Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone on Auto Exposure as the digital camera automatically adjusts to the available light levels to create great looking snapshots. When to use it: Adjust the Exposure settings when you want to better control the image quality and feel like experimenting with more artistic photos.


Galaxy S2 tips


Samsung Galaxy S2 Resolution

With your Samsung Galaxy S2 digital camera, you can specify the resolution, or dimensions, of the picture prior to snapping. When to use it: Preset the resolution of your pictures if you want to downsize your photos and save space on your camera. Or conversely, you can increase the resolution if you know you want to reproduce higher-quality pictures.


Tips Samsung Galaxy S2


Samsung Galaxy S2 Metering

Metering refers to the amount of light coming off your subject matter and can help you determine the best exposure value for your photograph. When to use it: Metering is helpful if your subject is lighted differently than the rest of the photo, such as if your subject matter is in bright light while the rest of the shot is in shadows.


Samsung Galaxy S2


Samsung Galaxy S2  Tips

Here are a few additional shortcuts to help you maximize the performance of your Samsung Galaxy S2 digital camera.

  • Digital Zoom: The volume button on your Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone also serves as the zoom control. Adjust the button to zoom in and out as much as 4x digital zoom.
  • Customize Shortcuts: You can easily customize your settings by creating four shortcut zones. Just tap and hold to move icons around, just like rearranging icons on the home screen of your personal computer.
  • Self-portrait Mode: Self-portrait mode activates the front-facing camera making it easy to take candid pictures of yourself without having to hold the camera awkwardly or guess where the shutter button is.
  • Timer: Set a timer delay before taking a picture when you want to get in the shot and can place your Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone on a level surface to hold the camera steady.
  • Blink Detection: If the digital camera detects closed eyes in the frame, it won't take the picture until they're back open.
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