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Mark Peters
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PlayStation phone

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Friday, April 9th 2010 - 21:00 CEST - Comments: 0
I t won’t have escaped anyone’s attention that manufacturers such as Apple have a lot of success with their innovative consumer electronics. The mega success of the iPhone from Apple and the unprecedented popular Apps, iTunes and the popularity of paid (!) music, video and podcast downloads, has left a mark on the global entertainment market. And it seems that we can expect more from Apple this year. The most recent Apple announcement was the Apple iPad, a so-called tablet that is being phased in world-wide. These new developments are in any case for Sony a clear signal to get into action. For example, there is talk of a PlayStation phone!
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PlayStation phone


Sony PlayStation phone

The news that Sony is busy developing new mobile electronics is actually not news at all. For Sony, product development is a regular business, but the fact that the development is directed at the competition with very popular products, says a lot. In this respect, manufacturers such as Sony have been snoozing, or in any case have underestimated their impact. According to different reports, Sony is busy developing a mobile phone that can download and play PlayStation games: a Sony PlayStation phone. This Sony Playstation phone is meant to be able to connect to Sony's online gaming and media platform (Sony Online Service) and to transfer its content to the new Sony Playstation phone. Actually it's the same principal as Apple's iTunes. It is being developed in cooperation with Sony-Ericsson, and is expected to be introduced this year.


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Mobile phones from Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson's mobile phone division has received some hard blows recently. The world-wide Sony Ericsson mobile phone sales have decreased unprecedentedly: at least 41% less handset models have been sold! The recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Spain) was the moment for Sony Ericsson to present a number of new mobile phones and it is obvious that they are doing everything to keep developing their new phones. If that will halt the negative trend of decreasing sales, will partially depend on to what extent innovative ideas can be transformed into reality.


Sony PlayStation phone

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