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Ilse Jurrien
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Sony photo frame review

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Ilse Jurrien
Saturday, March 27th 2010 - 12:50 CET - Comments: 0
I t wasn't until recently, however, that the digital photo frame was first launched onto the electronics market, and the demand for these kinds of devices is still growing. Sony is one of many companies trying to meet this demand, and so far, Sony has done an excellent job. Gradually more new versions are being launched, and the S-Series contributes by adding a number of models to its line. Sony is not only working on creating high-quality photo frames, the company is also determined to make the devices work flawlessly with every other Sony product.

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Review photo frame


Review photo frame Sony DPF-X1000

The Sony devices work flawlessly together to enable printing a picture directly, without the need for a computer. Pictures made with a Sony digital camera can be viewed immediately on the photo frame, and the frames work seamlessly with Sony's BRAVIA HD television sets. The fact that all the Sony products work together, is very positive indeed, and I am curious to find out as how this development will be carried out in the future, with an even more active integration of the photo frame.


Sony photo frame review


Displaying pictures on the Sony photo frame

The way pictures are displayed on the Sony DPF-X1000 photo frame is, without exaggeration, simply stunning. Without any adjustments through the options, the pictures are already well-displayed, and the colors are vivid and true-to-nature. The aspect ratio of 15:1 works well. In addition, the Sony X1000 offers a wide viewing angle. If the frame is placed in a room, changes or distortion of the screen will hardly ever, to even not at all happen. This goes for viewing from all angles, except when viewing from the bottom.


Photo frame review


Sony photo frame review

The S-series photo frames of Sony stands for quality and durability. Sony recently launched a new model in this series, the DPF-X1000. This photo frame features a 10-inch high resolution display, 2GB internal memory, remote control, and can be placed on the shelf both in landscape and portrait. Very interesting about this frame is its HDMI output. More information can be found in the full Sony photo frame review.

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