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Mark Peters
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Vodafone mobile phones

content type Editorial Mail the editor Posted by Mark Peters
Saturday, March 13th 2010 - 09:55 CET - Comments: 0
V odafone was of course present with its complete pallet of services and hardware during the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona. And in technical terms they are not all very remarkable products, but still form the necessary impact on the mobile phone market. Take the very cheap Vodafone 150 mobile phone, aimed at a large group of potential consumers that live in countries where wealth is not present for a large part of the population. We have to think about countries such as India, but also the African countries. To be able to communicate by mobile phone can mean a new chance for people from this group.
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Vodafone mobile


Vodafone mobile phones

But we can also imagine that the problems of social isolation and the recuperation of communication between family members with such a cheap mobile phone can be partially solved. We were able to see the Vodafone 150 mobile phone for a short time and it honestly doesn't really look all that cheap. Of course we're not talking about high-end technical specifications, but it's all very functional.




Vodafone 150 mobile

The features of the Vodafone mobile phone in terms of energy use are a talk-time of about 5 hours and a stand-by time of about 10 hours. Up to 100 contacts can be saved in the cheap Vodafone 150 and the device supports mobile payment services. This is apparently a service that has already been introduced in such countries? A good  initiative, not only for business, but also from a social point of view. And if those two can go hand in hand ... why not?


Vodafone mobile phones

Photo : New Vodafone mobile phones

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