HTC Desire review

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Mark Peters
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HTC Desire review

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Monday, March 1st 2010 - 13:40 CET - Comments: 2
A lso named the Google Nexus One look-a-like, the new HTC Desire Smartphone was presented during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. HTC Mobile is a Taiwanese cell phone manufacturer that has been making a lot of noise with the introduction of interesting new Smartphones in the last few years, and HTC is always good for its remarkable technical specifications such as the case of the HTC Desire. The new, slim-line designed HTC Desire is equipped with a fast 1Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and a large, 3.7-inch format display. The display is not only remarkable in terms of format; the screen is a multi-touch AMOLED-type screen, so that the color saturation and contrast are immediately noticeable.
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HTC Desire review


HTC Desire review

The HTC Desire mobile phone uses AMOLED and this is certainly a specification that will be valued by the end-user. The display is quite a bit higher in terms of quality than that of the previous ‘standard' displays. In terms of  operating system,  the HTC Desire runs on Google Android OS version 2.1 and is therefore an up-to-date smartphone. Of course the Desire smartphone also uses the HTC Sense technology.


HTC Desire


HTC Desire camera functions

• 5 megapixel digital camera

• Face detection function
• Auto focus camera and flash

• Widescreen photo capture

• Geo-tagging


HTC Desire Smartphone


HTC Desire Smartphone

The design of the HTC Desire looks pretty good. It is neatly finished at a high level. It's not for nothing that HTC places this new model on the scale as a high-end Android smartphone. The AMOLED multi-touch screen has extensive possibilities such as zooming in on certain parts. Additionally, various sensors and meters ensure that the screen display can be automatically rotated to landscape or portrait, among others. The HTC Desire cell phone menu is very accessible and gives immediate access to the different HTC software applications.


HTC Desire phone


HTC Desire phone sensors

• G-Sensor

• Digital compass

• Proximity sensor

• Ambient light sensor

• Internal GPS antenna


HTC Desire mobile


HTC Desire mobile navigation

The speed with which the HTC Desire smartphone executes certain tasks is very good. Heavier media Apps or GPS navigation run smoothly, without disturbing delays. The operation of the HTC Sense is intuitive and the different functions of the Desire can easily be accessed everywhere.


HTC Desire Android

HTC Desire Android Smartphone

Of course the HTC Desire mobile phone can also be used to maintain in contact with social networks. Apps such as Facebook and Twitter can be accessed directly, but also the sharing of content such as video and photo is quickly achieved via Flickr and YouTube.


HTC Desire review


HTC Desire review conclusion

Our first impression during our visit to the HTC booth was positive. The HTC Desire is an Android smartphone to consider. Whoever is looking for a new smartphone should make the effort to include the HTC Desire handset in their choices, because our first impression has left us wanting more, and that is not always the case...


HTC Mobile

Photo : New HTC mobile phones at MWC 2010 in Barcelona, Spain.

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