Huawei cell phones

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Mark Peters
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Huawei cell phones

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Sunday, February 28th 2010 - 13:20 CET - Comments: 0
A ccording to president Lu Yimin, president of China Unicom, it just might be possible that the amount of 3G subscribers or providers will raise significantly the world over if the cell phone manufacturers are successful in lowering the prices of the 3G smartphones. The amounts of high-end 3G phones are available in high numbers, but there are not many entry-level models. And according to Lu Yimin, that's where there are more chances for success. Huawei Technologies has in any case understood that and presented several low-priced 3G phones during the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona. And when both companies have their way, this could mean quite a boost in sales.
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Huawei cell phones


Huawei cell phones

According to Huawei Technologies and China Unicom it's not just about bringing lower-priced 3G smartphones onto the market in order to make the 3G platform grow. Additionally, services have to be included in the entry-level package, so that the 3G platform will become a stronger, solid base with faster opportunities for growth. 


Cheap 3G phones


Cheap 3G phones 

Scale increase is according to Huawei the way to reach that goal. Huawei's new product range showed an interesting series of inexpensive, 3G smartphones with which new potential 3G subscribers can be recruited. 


3G smartphones


Huawei 3G smartphones

The new series of  Huawei smartphones support the 3G protocol and will have such a price/ quality ratio that consumers with relatively low demands will choose for a 3G smartphone. Additionally, if the services are at the same level, the 3G platform can grow up faster which will eventually benefit everyone.


Huawei cell phones

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