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Ilse Jurrien
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Samsung Wave

content type Review Mail the editor Posted by Ilse Jurrien
Sunday, February 21st 2010 - 10:30 CET - Comments: 0
T he introduction of the Samsung Wave smartphone has put Samsung at the center of attention, as is demonstrated in the world press. The enormous Samsung booth here at Mobile World Congress, both in size and striking appearance, makes the Sony Ericsson booth that it faces, pale in comparison. The Samsung brand is emanating a message at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a message which the Koreans have understood. In terms of hardware, a piece with which Samsung distinguishes itself is the AMOLED display technology. Displays and cell phones are available in all kinds of combinations of shapes and sizes, but the Samsung Wave’s Super AMOLED is unequalled elsewhere.
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Samsung Wave


Samsung Wave Bada smartphone

The Samsung Wave is also Samsung's first smartphone based on Bada. Bada, the open mobile platform, will be strongly pushed in 2010 and the coming years, and if the Samsung Wave is a reference point, then the coming generations promise to bring many spectacular smartphones.




Samsung Wave equipped with Super AMOLED display

The first introduction to the Samsung Wave cell phone is immediately positive, as anyone who sees the Super AMOLED display for the first time will be impressed at once. The screen has a high WVGA resolution of 800x480 pixels and makes use of technology that can also be found in Samsung LED TVs.


Samsung Wave HD


Samsung Wave offers a Full HD viewing experience

When we place other Samsung phones next to the new Samsung Wave smartphone, the difference between display screens becomes even clearer. The wide viewing angle and the quite rapid response of the screen give an absolute added value to the display. In combination with the Full HD viewing experience, it seems that Samsung has created a winner with the Wave.


Samsung Wave mobile phone


Multi-tasking with the Samsung Wave cell phone

Anyone who is looking for the necessary multimedia action will have their wishes fulfilled with the Samsung Wave smartphone. Multi-tasking is no problem, in comparison with, for example, the iPhone. The TouchWiz 3.0 interface works fairly intuitively and makes it possible to adapt the interface according to personal needs.


Samsung Wave phone


Samsung Wave mobile phone design

In terms of design, the Samsung Wave phone is pretty standard, with of course the large, eye-catching, Hi-res display. The dimensions are, despite the display's format, fairly compact. For example, the Google Nexus cell phone appears a lot clumsier in terms of design and format.


Samsung Wave smartphone


Samsung Wave smartphone for an ultimate experience

The total experience of the Samsung Wave mobile phone is of course personal, but we estimate that the majority of smartphone fans will fall for the Samsung Wave functions immediately. We have already mentioned it before, but the distinguishing element of the Samsung Wave cell phone is among others, the Super AMOLED display. This new technology is only applied by Samsung and is distinguishing.




Samsung Super AMOLED technology

A year ago, AMOLED was already remarkable news, but with the Super AMOLED technology, Samsung raises the image quality yet a bit higher up the ladder. The higher clarity (about 20% more) and the clearly higher sharpness are the results of the application of this new technology. How the display performs under full sunlight is left to be seen, but the first trials under strong spotlights on the show floor look promising.


Samsung Wave cell phone


Samsung Wave touch screen technology

Personally I have always been impressed by the touch technology that Apple uses in the iPhone. In practice, I don't experience any annoyances or errors, what frequently occurred with the other manufacturers, more than I would like. The short experience I had with the Samsung Wave, gave me the same experience as with an iPhone. Very comfortable to use, it reacts instantly, also with a light touch and in combination with the image quality that is simply impressive, gives me the expectation that Samsung has hit the marker with the Samsung Wave.


Wave smartphone


Samsung Wave smartphone delivered with 2GB internal memory

The Samsung Wave phone comes standard with a 2GB internal memory and apparently we can also expect a Samsung Wave smartphone with an 8GB memory shortly. And seeing that the Samsung Wave Bada smartphone also supports microSDHC flash memory, it will have a maximum extension in storage capacity of 32GB.


Samsung Wave


Samsung Wave does not yet support SDXC memory cards

Remarkable is that the expected support of microSDXC, has not yet been announced by cell phone manufacturers. Since the official announcement of the SDXC specifications, camera manufacturers such as Panasonic and Canon have designed their new series of cameras for 2010 to support SDXC. In practice, this means that for 2010 the maximum storage capacity available is of 48GB and 64GB. Mobile phone manufacturers apparently still have their reservations about SDXC.


Smartphone Samsung Wave


Samsung Wave display rotation

The Samsung Wave smartphone has a built-in movement sensor that makes it possible to move the smartphone so that the screen can be rotated and it is possible to leaf through the menu. And leafing through the menu is an experience unto its own. The image quality is impressive and that is a novelty in the cell phone.


Samsung Wave photo


Samsung Wave cell phone with built-in mDNle technology

The Samsung Wave handset is as far as we know the world's first cell phone with built-in mDNle technology. This technology was already available in the Samsung TVs, and was called DNle (Digital Natural Image engine), but now it will be applied for the first time to display video and photo images with heightened quality. Especially the sharpness of detail, noise reduction, clarity and the color saturation of the images are of exceptionally high quality.


Wave review


Samsung Wave high-end smartphone

The Samsung Wave is expected to be delivered to retailers at the end of April/beginning of May, and a test sample will also be delivered to our office. The Samsung Wave cell phone specifications are interesting and, together with our first experience, show that it is a high-end smartphone that is to set a new standard. A clear signal to the competition, but also a clear signal to the consumer. The model name Samsung Wave is also quite catchy. The social network users will also receive all that they could hope for.


Samsung Wave review


Samsung Wave price

The suggested retail price of the Samsung Wave smartphone to be sold as a cell phone only is not named, but we estimate it to be about 400 to 500 Euros. The Samsung Wave is initially promoted as a Bada smartphone, which is according to us, one of the, or perhaps the, highlight(s) of the Mobile World Congress 2010.


Samsung Wave test

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