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Mark Peters
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Twitter Android application

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Friday, February 5th 2010 - 02:02 CET - Comments: 0
H andmark, a leading global developer and distributor of mobile applications and services, today released TweetCaster, the most advanced, feature-rich Twitter application available for Android smartphone customers. Handmark Tweet Caster android application makes “tweeting” from Android smartphones fast, easy, and fun, delivering a simple, yet comprehensive Twitter experience. In addition to all the standard features needed to enjoy a complete mobile Twitter experience.
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Twitter Android application


Twitter Android application features

• Multiple Twitter account support

• Integrated re-Tweets

• Integrated Twitter lists

• Push notifications for tweets, mentions and direct messages

• Offline tweet caching

• URL shortening (and previews)

• Photo attachment

• Threaded direct messages

• Font / Theme customization


Twitter Android


Twitter Android Smartphone application

"Handmark continues to enhance the mobile experience for customers around the world with the best connected applications," said Evan Conway, EVP of Marketing at Handmark. "TweetCaster delivers a fantastic experience for Twitter users looking to fully extend their experience to their Android smartphone." TweetCaster is immediately available for all Android-based smartphones, including the popular Droid and Goolge Nexus One handset. A free version of Android Tweet Caster is available in exchange for a "tweet" about the application via the Handmark website.



Handmark TweetCaster Pro

TweetCaster Pro, a premium version of application without ads, is also available for $4.99 in Android Market. For customers who download the free version of Tweet Caster and wish to upgrade to TweetCaster Pro, an Upgrade Key will also be available in Android Market. This will allow customers with the free application to easily switch over to the premium version without having to re-download the application.

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