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Mark Peters
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HDTV Market report

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Sunday, December 27th 2009 - 18:49 CET - Comments: 0
T oday, consumers, both household and enterprise, delve for larger TV screens, multimedia capabilities and higher reliability. Convergence of entertainment, computer and telecommunication service is also on the horizon. With the change of format and transmission characteristics of video signal, entertainment TV is going digital. HDTV is a revolutionary technology in the television industry that produces pictures far sharper and clearer than the television most of us use today. HD televisions are available in four different TV display technologies - Projection, Directview Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Plasma television.
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HDTV review


HDTV market review

The television industry is going strong with the shift from analog to digital system. Conversion involves replacing or upgrading nearly every hardware equipment in the television industry, from television sets to international broadcast infrastructure, including digital cameras, transmitters, and telecommunication lines. Digital cable along with the digital broadcasting and satellite are the key elements for the transition to HDTV. The HDTV technology, despite being around since early 1980s, has been slow to penetrate due to the high cost involved.




Research & Markets HDTV report

These and other market data and trends are presented in "High Definition Television - HDTV : A Worldwide Market Intelligence Report". Research and Markets reports are designed to be most comprehensive in geographic coverage and vertical market analyses. To learn more about the market position of HDTV's visit the  Research and Markets website.

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