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Ilse Jurrien
brand NTT DoCoMo category Mobile phones

NTT Docomo design phone

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Ilse Jurrien
Thursday, November 12th 2009 - 20:30 CET - Comments: 0
W hat is it about chocolate? Delicious to eat, in any form, but the combination of chocolate and mobile telephony remains a complete mystery to us even on this day. Is this the famous generation gap? Just before the holiday season, NTT will launch a new phone of the Docomo Style series. The NTT Docomo SH-04B is a so-called chocolate mobile phone designed by designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu. Tadaaki is best known for his Q-pot label. The NTT SH-04B mobile cell phone is partially waterproof (IPX 5/7) and mainly stands out from the masses by its design. The chocolate on the NTT Docomo SH-04B housing is dripping off, as it were.
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Design phone


NTT Docomo design phone

When it comes to functionality, this type of design feature is of course completely useless, but it does make the often technical phone market seem a little bit less serious. An increasingly recurring complaint regarding mobile telephony is quite often related to the very technical details and explanations of a phone, while the majority of consumers simply want to communicate in any form. Yet, the rapid introduction of new techniques puts the bar of acceptance higher and higher, and with today's phones, it often almost seems you require special skills to be able to use it.

Design phone


NTT Docomo SH-04B design phone

A lot of skills are required anyway to be able to operate the latest phones in the first place. Internet settings, communication tools, open-source platforms, online App stores, etc. are just some of the criteria you come across when selecting a new phone. And at times like these, when we suddenly spot the NTT SH-04B phone in between the vast array of phones, with the emphasis on a nice design, it is actually pleasantly refreshing!


NTT Docomo SH-04B


NTT Docomo SH-04B phone specifications

• Dimensions: 109x50x16.3 mm

• Weight: 131 grams

• Continuous standby time: 570 hours (3G)

• Continuous talk time: 220 minutes (3G)

• Continuous video talk-time: 110 minutes

• Display: 3.0-inch (480x854 dots), 16,777,216 colors

• Card Slot: SDHC support up to 16GB

• Camera: 8.0 Megapixel CMOS sensor

• Face Detection

• Colors: Bitter pink, Chocolate brown
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