Mini theatre review

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Ilse Jurrien
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Mini theatre review

content type Review Mail the editor Posted by Ilse Jurrien
Friday, July 17th 2009 - 21:50 CEST - Comments: 0
M any electronic devices produce sound, whether it's an MP3 player, a mobile phone, a PC or a game computer; in many cases, sound is an added value. The quality however does vary at times. DRD offers the solution by launching the R1 mini theatre audio enhancer. This compact gadget can be connected to the 3.5mm connection of any device and serves to optimize the sound quality. We received the DRD R1 from the Dutch distributor Digitrading, and tested it with several pieces of video/audio equipment.

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Mini theatre review


Portable mini theatre review - DRD R1 audio enhancer operation

By attaching the audio cable to a video/audio device, and connecting the other side to the portable audio enhancer, the two devices can be connected to each other. Next, all you have to do is connect the earphones to the top side of the R1 and the device is ready to use. All that's left to do now is to press the DRD button to activate the audio enhancer, whereupon the button will turn red and the device will work immediately.


Portable mini theatre review 


DRD R1 portable mini theatre review

The DRD R1 is a compact device that serves to improve the sound quality of electronic equipment such as headphones, speakers, MP3 players or mobile phones. The DRD R1 portable mini theatre audio enhancer can be connected to any device featuring a 3.5mm connection. We thoroughly tested whether or not it actually enhances the sound quality. Our findings can be read in the following portable mini theatre review

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