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Apple iPhone 3GS software guide

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Wednesday, July 15th 2009 - 11:11 CEST - Comments: 0
M acworld has announced the release of “Macworld’s iPhone and iPod Touch Superguide, Third Edition,” the latest addition to its popular Superguide series. This book is one of the very first Apple iPhone guides to be completely updated for the iPhone 3.0 software update and the Apple iPhone 3GS that were released last month. In this 172-page book, Macworld editors offer the latest advice and top tips for mastering the first generation Apple iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and the Apple iPod touch. Macworld released the latest version of the iPhone Superguide just four months ago. But after the release of the new 3.0 software update, and the iPhone 3GS, Macworld’s editors went right back to work and updated the book cover to cover.
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iPhone 3GS software guide 


Apple iPhone 3GS software guide

"Macworld's Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch Superguide, Third Edition" is an indispensable resource for both Mac and Personal Computer users. It's available in two formats: as a downloadable PDF for immediate access for $12.95; or on CD for easy offline storage for $12.95 (includes shipping and handling). All versions are available now at the MacWorld website.


Apple iPhone 3GS software


Macworld iPhone and iPod Touch software guide

"In the Apple world, a constant pace of innovation means that if you snooze, you lose," said Jason Snell, VP/Editorial Director of Macworld. "That's why we buckled down and updated this book in record time."

Macworld's iPhone and iPod Touch Superguide, Third Edition covers everything an Apple iPhone 3GS or iPod touch owner needs to know, including:


• How to master the new iPhone 3GS and the 3.0 software update

• Ways to save time with new, classic, and hidden shortcuts

• The best methods for syncing data and media - including all types

• Solving common iPhone and iPod touch hiccups

• Recommendations for the coolest accessories and third-party apps


iPhone 3GS guide

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