GPS receiver test

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Ilse Jurrien
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GPS receiver review

content type Review Mail the editor Posted by Ilse Jurrien
Wednesday, July 1st 2009 - 00:50 CEST - Comments: 0
I f you travel by car nowadays, you never have to worry about directions, since we all have a car navigation system at our disposal. But what if you are traveling by another means and in an unfamiliar area? That's when an outdoor GPS device comes in handy. Regardless of whether you're an outdoor sportsman, cyclist, biker, walker, tourist or recreationist, this GPS receiver will always make sure you're able to find your way back. We received the Wintec G-Trender WSG-1000, an outdoor GPS handheld, to put it through the test.

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GPS receiver test


GPS receiver test : Wintec G-Trender monitor

A monitor is generally lacking on the cheaper and less advanced GPS Photo Locators. Personally I find that a monitor adds value to a GPS device, after all, it's a lot more fun to deal with a device that offers feedback right away. Whether it's the power of the signal, the altitude, the direction you're heading in; a monitor is able to give you all the information you want. This makes it annoying when you have to deal with a monitor that is not clearly visible in direct sunlight. I haven't been able to test the Wintec G-Tender's monitor in bright sunlight (Dutch cloudy skies) however; there was never a moment in which I couldn't read it properly. I think this is also due to the black&white version of the display which provides a big enough contrast. 


Wintec GPS handheld review


Wintec GPS handheld review - Wintec navigation menu

The Wintec GPS device's menu consists of nine main pages. These are: Calendar page, Speed page, Satellite page, Compass page, Altimeter page, Astronomy page, Navigation page, Training page and Information page. Additionally the GPS receiver features a Page list to gain quick and easy access to a main page or to deactivate it if you don't use it often. This is very handy since it prevents you from having to go through the pages that you don't use anyway.


Wintec G-Trender GPS receiver review


Wintec G-Trender GPS receiver review

The Wintec G-Trender WSG-1000 is an advanced outdoor GPS gadget that is able to save not only course data and photo locations but also data for speed, distance travelled temperature, altitude and time. Furthermore, the Wintec GPS receiver features an LCD monitor and a Bluetooth function. The Wintec GPS device is available at a price of 170 Euros in Europe. Read more about the performance of this GPS receiver in the following GPS receiver review.

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