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Mark Peters
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iPhone home security system

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Wednesday, June 3rd 2009 - 09:45 CEST - Comments: 0
A larm, the leading provider of wireless and web-enabled security and monitoring technology, announced a free Apple iPhone application for remote home and business security monitoring - providing on-the-go consumers with unprecedented awareness of what’s happening at their properties in real time. The new Apple iPhone software application connects 'Alarm' customers to their security systems from anywhere.
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Alarm Software Application


Alarm Software Application for Apple iPhone

With 'Alarm', customers can also receive real-time email and text message alerts to their Apple iPhone whenever the security system detects an event that matters to them, like the kids arriving home from school, the garage door being left open, unexpected access to the liquor cabinet, a basement water leak or after-hours access to a store inventory room. The 'Alarm' Apple iPhone software application can be downloaded immediately through the Apple iTunes App Store. An 'Alarm' account is required to log into the home security & monitoring system software application.


Home security system


Home security system features

• Arm and disarm their security system remotely.

• Watch real-time video footage and recorded video clips.

• See what doors, cabinets and windows are currently open.

• Access a history of all events reported by the security system.


Security monitoring


iPhone application for remote home & security monitoring

"Our customers love that the Apple iPhone or Apple iPod touch in their pocket can also serve as a remote control to their business or home security system from anywhere in the world," said Alison Slavin, Alarm.com's Vice President of Product Management. "We're excited to continue developing software applications on the iPhone platform that further empower consumers to monitor what matters to them - whether it's an aging or ailing family member, their household's thermostat settings, or how much time the dog walker actually spent walking their dog."

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